October 11, 2014

Sick Desk

October 11, 2014           UPDATE ON RET. P.O. PAUL TRIANO

From Paul Troiano Craftyandcheep@aol.com

I received great news on Friday. The cancer is almost gone and I will not have any more heavy chemo or radiation, only a maintenance dose every 4 weeks for about an hour to keep it from coming back.
The doctors are amazed at my recovery and my wife is also recovering at an amazing pace. They are sure God is involved.
God is great...keep praying for us and thank you.

Paul and Annette

Great to hear the good news for you and your wife.  All our best wishes and prayers to both.

September 28, 2014       UPDATE ON RET. P.O. PAUL TRIANO and
                                                 WIFE OF LEE COLON

We received the following from Lou Hollander:

From Paul Troiano:

I recently received my PET scan results and the tumor has shrunk. The doctors were amazed. I will be getting more chemo and more treatments until its' gone then maintenance treatments
to keep it away.  Thy say it shouldn't be. They know God is involved. My wife, Annette, is in a walker and getting therapy to get her off it.
They are also amazed that the tumor taken out of her was not cancer and have never seen anyone in her condition heal so fast. They also feel that God is involved in her case, too.
Please pray for us. we will keep you infprmed.

This Sick Desk information was received from Sammy Bittar badsam@bellsouth.net 

Sammy informs me that Fran Colon, wife of Lee Colon, District 1 has been diagnosed with bone cancer.  I am told she originally had the cancer in her
lungs and went to her bones.  Lee has been fighting cancer himself for about 20 years. 

Please keep them both in your prayers.  The last email I had for Lee was Leeslady423@aol.com I am not sure if that address is still current. 

Sammy told me it was ok to give out Leeís phone numbers if you wish to call.  (h) 631-228-4771 (cell) 917-697-3715

August 9, 2014                      SICK DESK UPDATES
                                            SGT. BOBBY CARUSO                            

From Ret. Lt. Charles McCray:

I am glad to report that Bro. Leroy Hill is out of the Hospital and back in his quarters in forest Hills.
Leroy sounded great over the phone and stated that he is doing fine and is very glad to be back home and can be reached at 718 529-8529 (home),  His cell is 718 316-0948.

Be well
Charles McCray

Lou Hollander eceived this information from John Spero azspero39@cox.net

Louis, I don't have the specifics on Ret. P.O. Frank Vespoli who worked with me in the Bronx District 10/12 and 20/22 in the 60's and 70's. He is in Winthrop Hospital in Mineola 259 1st St, Mineola, NY 11501 (516) 663-0333 and is in very serious condition with lymphoma. Please alert those members who may remember him to keep him in their prayers.

Thank you and
God Bless


I just wanted to thank all those  who sent emails to my husband Bill Schubert.  He is home now after  days in a rehab hospital. He was well and ready to come home on the 4th day.  He decided to go to the rehab hospital because just before he had his surgery I fell and broke my left ankle. I wouldn't be able to help him much.
He is doing really well and getting stronger each day.  thank you all for your prayers and well wishes.
Janet Schubert

Billís email williamschubert200@comcast.net


Louie, just want to think everyone for all the cards, E-mails and phone calls since my lung surgery. Everything looks good .No radiation or chemo. See you 2015 reunion.

Bobby Caruso

August 2, 2014           SICK CALL - RET. P.O. EMILIO MESA

From Lou Hollander:

Emilio had hip surgery a recently.  He is at home doing rehab and says he is doing well.  You can email him at emiliok9dad@gmail.com  or call him on his cell 813-846-0020

Best wishes for a speedy recovery, Emilio.

July 25, 2014             RET. LT. BILL SCHUBERT and
                         UPDATE FOR RET. DET. JOE MONTANARO

Sent us by Lou Hollander:

Received this from Bill Schubertís wife Jan,.  Emails can be sent to bill at williamschubert200@comcast.net

I wanted to let you know that on July 15th, Bill Schubert had a 4 artery bypass. This was done here in Indian River Medical Center, 37th Street Vero  Beach Fl.
I will give you an update as how he is.
Thank you,
Jan Schubert


Hi Louie,
   Sorry I haven't  got back to you sooner. The procedure went well. I get home Friday around noontime.  By late Friday evening the anesthetic started to wear off and the pain started again. 

Saturday was my worse day. Bad pain all day long. Pain pills didn't help at all. Nor did the icepacks, that are applied about every half an hour. My pain zone remained at about 7 to 9.
Today, Sunday, I am feeling much better pain zone down to 3-5. Still using the ice packs, for the swelling.  In another 24 hrs. I can start to remove the wrappings. Today I can start to do my exercising,
for the knee.

Hopefully in another couple of weeks I can start moving around normally again. This sitting around drives me crazy.
Take care,
Love to all.

Get well wishes can be sent to Joe at jokarmon@msn.com phone # 864-654-1321

Our best wishes to Billy and Joe for recovery back to good health.

July 13, 2014               RET. DET. JOE MONTANARO and   
                                       RET. P.O. MIKE DE NICOLA  

Received from Lou Hollander:

On Friday July 11th, Joe Montanaro went into the hospital for arthroscopic surgery. Joe's email address is jokarmon@msn.com

Information received from Joe Mastromarino JMastromar@aol.com

Lou, I was talking with Mike De Nicola, he said he was scheduled for surgery on Monday, July 7th at Staten Island University Hospital on Bard Avenue.
He is asking fellow TPD's and family keep him in their prayers. The surgery is to correct an abdominal aneurysm and they hope to apply a stent through the groin if All goes well, If not they will have to open him up. It will be a short stay if the stent can be applied, otherwise he will have an extended stay at the hospital.
His home phone # 718 442-0441 Cell# 347 768-2012.

Our best wishes to Joe and Mike for a quick receovery from their surgeries.

June 25, 2014           MORE SICK DESK UPDATES

From Lou Hollander:


I spoke with Henry 2 days before the reunion and he had some good news to share with me. His wife, Maureen, has stage 4B cancer and was told by their doctor to basically get her business in order that they didnít give her much time. Because of the stage 4B cancer, Sloan-Kettering would not accept her.  Henry sought out some other cancer hospital that treated her with chemo & radiation and other medications. Henry told me the tumors shrunk drastically and Maureen is doing much better. He wants to thank all that were praying for her as he believes that prayer is what led him to this cancer hospital.  He asks for your continued prayers.  Henryís email is hmelch@optonline.net

I have been informed by Frank Madalena that Ret. Sgt. Bobby Caruso just had surgery for lung cancer.  I am told by Frank that all went well and Bobby is doing well. 

Bobby's email address is


Our prayers and best wishes to Maureen and Bobby that they may overcome this terrible illness.

June 21, 2014                SICK DESK UPDATES

From Ret. P.O. Paul Troiano:

I received the pet scan results. The tumor has shrunk and the nodes have cleared up. I need 3 more chemos and a new drug that will starve it to cut off the blood supply. I will then take another pet scan to see if it's gone. The chemo will be through August.
Please keep me in your prayers.

From Ret. Lt. Charles McCray cemccray@aol.com as received from Ret. P.O. Berris Turnbull's daughter, Tisha:

Good evening, Mr. McCray Sr.  

I am Tisha Turnbull, Berris Turnbull's daughter.  My dad is a retired police officer (District #32, Brooklyn) who now resides in Orlando, FL.  On March 3rd, he fell in his dining room.  It was determined that he had spinal cervical stenosis and needed surgery ASAP.  He had the surgery on March 5th.

During that surgery, there were a lot of complications, but thank God, he pulled through.  He was in ICU for two weeks but was released to a rehab facility on March 20th.  Then on April 1st, he took ill again and was re-admitted to the hospital.  Then he was re-admitted back to the rehab facility on April 10th which is where he's been ever since.  He will be discharged the first week of July but will be coming to NY to stay with his family for a few months as he continues to recover.  We are asking for continued prayers for my dad. If anybody would like to contact him, he can be reached at the following:


(Before July 4th)

Hunter's Creek Rehab & Nursing Center

14155 Town Loop Blvd.

Orlando, FL  32837

Room 108A

(407) 541-2600

(407) 510-9106 - cell phone


(After July 7th)

Berris Turnbull 

511 Beach 64th Street

Arverne, NY  11692

(718) 634-9091 - house phone

(407) 510-9106 - cell phone


Thank you.

Our prayers and best wishes to Paul and Berris for a return to good health.

May 24, 2014                     SICK DESK UPDATES

As received from Lou Hollander:


Mike will be having surgery this Tuesday.  He will be released with an open wound and a pump hopefully to remove the infection.  Please keep him in your prayers.

Lou received this Sick Desk Info from Bob Neyland.

Just got off the phone with Ken Kramer. He is in Seven Rivers Hospital in Crystal River Florida, room 305. He has contracted a serious infection in his arm from moving some palms in his yard.  Doctors told him he was endanger of losing his arm.  They plan on going in again sometime today and cleaning it out for a second time.
Please keep him in your thoughts and prays. 


I spoke with Ken Kramer today. He said that he is doing a little better. The doctors had attached an electronic pump in his arm to siphon out any infection. He hopes that he can get out of the hospital on Saturday.

Thank You.
Robert Neyland

Our best wishes and prayers to our fellow retirees that they may recover from their illnesses.

May 11, 2014                    SICK DESK UPDATES

We received the following from Lou Hollander:


I had surgery on 5/1. It was supposed to be an easy torn meniscus, but there was a large cartilage in there since birth. It caused pain and a longer surgery time. The did clean it out. My rehab will take a bit longer but I will be back kicking real soon and weight training. He is not ready for phone calls.  Email address martiallaw1220@me.com


We thought that the infusions were ending May 1st, but instead they extended them for another week.  Thank you to everyone who have helped in bringing him to these early appointments.  It is so much appreciated.  In addition to these appointments there are numerous other appointments and obligations to take care of...most of these it is absolutely necessary for me to attend.

He will finish his last infusion on the 8th (hopefully(:) Then later that day (we don't know what time yet) he will have his first cataract surgery,   On Friday, in addition to the follow up at St. Luke's, he has two dr. appts.  where he will be referred to a surgeon at Shands hospital in Gainesville to remove the wires from his defibrillator? and the scar tissue that has been created.  He is still draining from the site and it still looks as though the defibrillator? is still in.  This will require several days in the hospital and will be done by laser surgery...Just pray all goes well for him

All in all, he is doing very well.  It is just that the antibiotic infusions are wiping him out.  If he doesnít return your phone calls don't feel bad...its hard on him at this time to carry on a conversation when he is so tired.

Thanks to all those who have been praying


Our prayers and best wishes to all our fellow officers who are on the sick list at this time that they may fully recover from their illnesses.

April 26, 2014          REPORTS FROM THE SICK DESK

From Lou Hollander:


Mike has been through the mill lately.  His defibrillator shifted and was rubbing against his arm causing discomfort and pain.  After treating for an infection for over a month, he went to an infectious disease doctor.  She ordered nuclear tests...nothing showed up. 

The condition around the defibrillator worsened, so they decided to take it out.  The day after the device was taken out, the swelling around the site doubled.  They went back in and removed a hematoma and infection.  The next day, it was just as big and the infectious disease doctor wanted it cleaned out again and a drain put in.  Cardio went in and there appeared to be no infection, but a lot of scar tissue.  He cleaned it out as best he could.  They sent him home last night. Then at 0230 he was bleeding profusely from the wound and had to go back to the ER. We are now awaiting the home health nurse to come and change his dressing.  He is on two infusions of iv antibiotics through a port 2x daily.

Please keep him in your prayers that he gets through this with no more incidence. 

Information was received today that Ret. P.O. Berris Turnbull is out of the hospital and is rehabilitating at the HUNTER'S CREEK REHABILITATION FACILITY, 14155 Town Loop Blvd., Room #108, Orlando, Florida 32837. While his condition is improving, it is unknown how long he will be in this facility. He is able to have visitors and receive telephone calls. His # is (407) 910-5106. He may take a few seconds to answer the phone.
Information received from Shirley Simpson.
Gene Robinson

Information has been received that Retired Detective Curtis Vincent is hospitalized. Curtis' wife, Jean, said that he had hip replacement surgery in early March and was on the road to a speedy recovery when 2 weeks ago she found him passed out.
Doctor's found a total of 7 blood clots in both his legs and he was hospitalized. He is not allowed to get out of bed for any reason while he is being treated with blood thinners. Curtis is also in Stage 5 of Parkinson's Disease. He is in the Northeast Georgia Medical Center, South Tower, in Gainesville, GA.
Jean says that Curtis sometimes has difficulty concentrating and is sometimes incoherent but believes he would love to hear from his Transit Police family. His telephone number at the hospital is (770) 219-1107. Jean's email is
Gene Robinson

Ret. Sgt. Bill McMillen broke his ankle back in March and required surgery.  The surgery was successful and is on his way to a speedy recovery. 
Bill said he will be seeing me at the Florida Reunion in June. 

Well wishes can be sent to him at TPDEmeralds@aol.com

Our best wishes to our fellow retirees for speedy recoveries.

April 6, 2014           WIFE OF RET. P.O. HENRY MELCHIONA

We received the following from Lou Hollander:


Thursday night I received a heart wrenching call from my friend, Ret. PO Henry Melchiona.  By the sound of his voice, I knew something was wrong.  As he began to tell me, he broke down and said it is Maureen, his wife.  She was diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer that has spread to her neck.  The doctor said that they could not operate.  They could try chemo, and that could give her a little more time but was not sure of the quality of life she would have. Hank said she wanted to go for it. The doctor suggested to take her on a cruise which her children wanted to do but she is in too much pain.  Please remember her in your prayers also pray for Hank and the rest of the family that they can find some comfort. Guys/Gals, prayers do work!

Our prayers and best wishes go out to Maureen and Hank that she may recover from this illness.

March 21, 2014     RET. P.O. PAUL TROIANO and his wife, ANNETTE

Sent by Lou Hollander who received this email from Paul Troiano.  He would appreciate your prayers very much  His email address is craftyandcheep@aol.com phone #  386-961-9328.  I attended Paul and Annette's wedding 42 years ago and I remember it as if it was just last week.

Hi Lou,
My cancer is back for the third time.  They found growths and nodes where my lung use to be. I will be awaiting a biopsy before they decide how to treat it.  Annette is not feeling well either. She is having trouble with ther stomach and digestive tract and needs a lot of testing to find out why. We both could use prayers.  Getting old is not for sissies.

Thank you,
Paul and Annette.

Our prayers and best wishes go out to Annette and Paul for recovery back to good health.

March 15, 2014         RET. P.O. TOM GILLESPIE

From Lou Hollander:

Tommy Gillespie had cataract surgery on his eyes around April 11th.  Well wishes can be sent to Tom at tomg2217@verizon.net

Our best wishes go out to Tom for a successful surgery. Hope to "see" you at the Florida reunion.

March 2, 2014              RET. SGT. JOE MASTROMARINO

From Lou Hollander:

Fran Mastromario called me after the operation and informed me all went well with the surgery.  He is home recuperating, which will take about 6 weeks plus PT. 
Joe's email is

Our best wishes to Joe for a speedy recovery.

February 23, 2014     WIFE OF RET. P.O. MIKE MONGILLO

From Lou Hollander:

I have been informed by Mike Mongillo that everything went well with Christineís operation.  He said she should be discharged Saturday or Sunday.  Mike wants to thank everyone for their prayers and support.

We're very glad to hear the good news and our best wishes for a speedy recovery.

February 5, 2014              RET. P.O. PAUL GIVEN

Forwarded to us by Lou Hollander as received from Paulís wife Lauren laurengiven@yahoo.com

Well it is time for you to ink up your "Get Well Soon Paul" rubber stamp as Paul is about to do it again.  Tuesday February 4th Paul is going in for a 'revision' on his 23 yr old artificial hip.  Seems like only yesterday we were all playing volley ball at his 'hip hip hooray' party...

I am really starting to get suspicious about his frequent 'excuses' to find a reason to go back to the rehab facility.  I know it isn't the food so it has to be one of lovely young ladies and their sponge bath technique...

The duration of his stay in the hospital and if he needs to go to AHC for rehab will only be decided after the doctor goes in and battles to remove the old parts.  

Just when I thought I might not have any interesting material for my next Christmas letter...


We said it before and we'll say it again, Paul...all our prayers and best wishes go out to you (and your wife, of course) for a good, long and healthy life.