November 24, 2021

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November 24, 2021                    UPDATES FOR FRANK CRISA and JOE McGARRY
Frank Crisa called me this morning to let us know he is going home from the rehab facility he was in for just a few days. He is definitely not happy with the place and will be getting his rehab at home. He sounds better and is getting his strength back a little at a time.Frank wishes to thank everyone who has called, emailed, letter mail or called and left messages. He truly appreciates all the concerns so many Transit Family members have given him. He needs a lot of rest, so please keep off phone calls, but emails are always welcome at this time. 

I spoke to Joe McGarry this afternoon as he was on his way home from Sloan-Kettering with Tommy O'Brien. Apparantly, one of the medications Joe is getting seems to aggravate his arthritis and causing pain in his joints. Because of that and one of his blood enzyme levels a bit high, they held off on any treatment today. Joe is scheduled for another blood test on Friday and when Sloan gets the results later in the day, they will contact Joe and arrange for treatment or plan a possible change in his medications to alleviate any side effects.

Please continue to keep Frank and Joe and all our fellow retirees and family members on the Sick List in your prayers and thoughts.

November 23, 2021                              LATEST ENTRY TO THE SICK LIST
We are happy to report that our 2nd VP, Ronnie DiMaio, is home from a brief stay at the hospital over the weekend. He was in PA with his son and started feeling a pain in his left arm and experiencing heartburn. Fearing the worse, they headed back straight to Northwell Valley Stream hospital where tests were performed. Thankfully, he did not experience a heart attack, so he went through a thalium stress test and came out OK. He now has something to be very thankful of this Thanksgiving holiday.

Our prayers and best wishes to you, Ronnie, and to your wife, Rita, for a happy Thanksgiving.

November 20, 2021                                  WIFE OF RET. P.O. WARREN DEYAK                        

We received this great news from Warren yesterday:

Tony- The "prayer warriors" have done it! My wife came home. She is facing a tough recovery as COVID has damaged her lungs and she is so, so weak. She was OVERWHELMED when I showed her the e-mails, prayers and well wishes from the "prayer warriors". We both can't thank everyone enough! God bless all of you.                                                                                                                                                                                                      
Please continue to keep these members of the "Transit Family" in your thoughts and prayers.


This is Warren Deyak from Las Vegas. I would like to ask to have my wife,  Anna Marie Deyak, added to the Sick List.

She was admitted to Centennial Hills Hospital on Sunday Nov 7th with COVID- PNEUMONIA. She was doing well but then started struggling with her breathing and was moved to another unit.

I have not seen her since and this house is lonely and empty. Please ask the "prayer warriors" to add her to their prayer list.

Get well wishes may be sent to Warren at goalagame@cox.net

Our prayers and best wishes go out to Anna Marie and Warren that she will overcome her COVID illness and return home in good health.

November 10, 2021                        SICK DESK UPDATES - FRANK CRISA & JOE McGARRY


I have been in contact with Carol on an almost daily basis so please don't try to call Frank as he is not up to talking on the phone. Frank has gone through a serious infection which led to sepsis, pneumonia, and a reaction to the medications he was given. He had been on, then taken off a ventilator whe  his breathing improved last week.

11/10-  I got a phone call this morning and it was Frank saying hello and letting me know how he is. Thank God (prayers do work) he is off a ventilator and all the tubes he had going in him have been takren out. He sounded a lot better than last I spoke to him and now it's all a matter of regaining his strength so he can go home.

11/9 -I spoke to Frank's wife, Carol, on Monday. on Tuesday, she told me that Frank had suffered a cardiac arrest early in the morning and, thank God, was revived with CPR. I only spoke to Frank the day before and he sounded good, so this was a shock to all of us.

She left him last night as he was sleeping and on a ventilator. The doctors want him to sleep and regain his strength and will decide to remove the ventilator when they decide he is breathing normally on his own. They also plan to do an angiogram to make sure there was no damage to his heart.

Carol will keep in touch with me with any latest news, so please continue to keep Frank in your prayers that he will overcome this. He wants so much to get back home and start working on the next issue of Beyond the Line.


I spoke to Joe today and he is coming along as best he can.  He is feeling better today after a few days of less than a better feeling condition. He is scheduled to go to Sloan on Wednesday the 10th for more tests and, if all is well, his first treatment session which consists of an infusion procedure rather than chemo or radiation.

You may contact Joe by phone at 516-314-0155 or emails to fopeagle@aol.com

Please keep Frank and Joe in your prayers that they will overcome these setbacks.

October 13, 2021                               PRAYERS FOR JOHN CLINTON'S WIFE

From Lou Hollander keystonecop1@verizon.net


I have been informed by Artie Giammarino that former Det John Clinton’s wife, Dee, is battling Stage 4 cancer. We're calling on all our Transit Police Prayer Warriors to keep her in your prayers.

October 6, 2021                                                 SICK DESK UPDATES
Our new Sgt-at-Arms, Tommy Greer, is at home recuperating from his recent surgery and is expected to be out for several weeks. Get well wishes may be sent to Tom at hpb2270@optonline.net or by phone at 631-902-8911.

Joe McGarry has come home from the hospital and is recuperating from his recent surgery for the fluid in his lungs. Results of his tests will not be availabke for at least a week. Please DO NOT call him as he is still very tired and needs his complete rest.

Our prayers and best wishes go out to Tom, Joe and all our fellow retirees and family members who are on the Sick List. May their illnesses clear up and may they return to good health.


We received this information from Charles McCray cemccray@aol.com

Jacques is presently in the Heritage Rehabilitation and Care Center
                                            5606 15th Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11219
                                            tele 718 851-1000

We spoke yesterday. Jacques is reaching out to those in his phone. He does not remember a lot but does enjoy contact.

Anyone thinking of doing a visit must call and make an appointment a day in advance. They will bring him down to the appointment.

Stay safe

Our prayers and best wishes go out to Joe & Jacques that they will regain their good health.

August 14, 2021                             PRAYERS REQUEST FOR SAM D'APICE

From Lou Hollander keystonecop1@verizon.net

Sam D’Apice here.  I am in Oak Hill Hospital, Spring Hill, FL  with COVID, planning more tests. Please let our prayer warriors know, GBU & GBA.

Get well wishes may be sent to Sam at locojefe41@yahoo.com

Our prayers and best wishes go out to Sam that he will recover from COVID and retrurn to good health.

June 30, 2021                                                 ED RANIERI ON THE SICK LIST
From Lou Hollander keystonecop1@verizon.net


Ed is having some health issues and prayers are requested for him. Calling on our Transit Police Prayer Warriors.

Back in the early '90s, Ed was on the Executive Board of the Retirees Associaton and was instrumental in the first attempts to get the VSF benefit for those unjustly denied it. Unfortunately, the odds were stacked against us and, as they say, the rest is history. Sadly, Ed resigned from the board because of differences with the current president at the time, Mike Spadafora.

Please keep Ed, and all the other Transit retirees on the Sick List, in your prayers.