July 7, 2019

Sick Desk

July 7, 2019                                                          UPDATE OF SICK LIST 

Lou Hollander received this information from Bill Matos. lmatos2@tampabay.rr.com

Hi Louie, hope that all is well with you and the family.

Please, when you send any message to the troops, advise them that my wife, Lillian is coming along very well. After 8+ months, she is breathing on her own, eating, taking steps, rolling a wheel chair

Thank all that prayed for her and me, Iím truly grateful. God Bless you all and keep you safe and healthy.

June 10, 2019                                                        SICK DESK UPDATES


Editor Frank Crisa is back home after an incident at home a week ago when Frank really thought this was the end. An apparent infection from his recent surgery caused him to pass out and he was taken to Staten Island Hospital ICU where he was eventually pumped with antibiotics. He recovered to the point where he was released and is now thankfully back home. Frank asks to hold all calls until he is fully able to talk and appreciates all the prayers and best wishes sent him.

From Lou Hollander keystonecop1@verizon.net


Lou spoke with Scott Saturday afternoon and he sounded great.  He was waiting for orders from the doctor to be released to go home after a successful kidney implant surgery.  Scott became emotional as he told me he was a result of a miracle.  A stranger who lives nearby Scott donated one of his kidneys to him. He wants to thank all his brothers and sisters in blue for their prayers. (prayers do work)  He must stay at home for 2 weeks after that with the Doctors OK he and his wife plan to take a ride up to the Florida Reunion.   Give him a call as I know he would love speaking to you.  You can call him on his cell Phone # 561 801 5661 

Our prayers and best wishes go out to these friends and many others who are not in great health.

May 23, 2019                                  UPDATE ON FRANK CRISA and JOHN REEVES

Lou Hollander sent this out today:

Just got off the phone with Frank Crisa.  As I informed you a while back, he was going into the hospital for surgery, and requested to keep him in your prayers.  His surgery went well, he said he had great doctors. He got home from the hospital this past Tuesday.  Frank had major surgery and is in a lot of pain now and seems to sleep a lot.  He is requesting that no one call him as it hurts when he tries to talk on the phone.  He wants to thank everyone for their prayers, and please keep them coming.  He also wants to thank people for all the emails.  I will send out an email when he is feeling better and will be up to phone calls.

All our best to you, Frank. We love you for your friendship and all your great work on the newsletters.

I spoke to John Reeves this morning. He is feeling much better after his surgery and is back to doing light excercises. He goes back to his doctor in a few months to see how the surgery did with his lung cancers. He said he has been getting quite a few phone calls from fellow retirees and police officers who work with his son, Scott, and thanks them. - Tony

All our best wishes, John, and we look forward to seeing you at the next membership meeting.

May 5, 2019                      UPDATE ON SGT. WALTER MACK AND P.O. REAVES-BEY

Received from Lou Hollander keystonecop1@verizon.net and Charlie McCray cemccray@aol.com

Our hospitalized members are both doing well after their surgeries. Walter sends thank all for the calls and visits..He can be reached at 347 408-8446.

Reaves-Bey's wife, Hopie, states that McKinley is progressing slowly but steadily. She would like a call first in order to prevent him being overwhelmed. She can be reached at 646 617 6491.

Be well all

We're very happy to hear this good news and our hopes and prayers for their full recovery.

March 3, 2019                               PRAYERS NEEDED FOR THE WIFE OF LOUIS PAGAN

We received the following from Lou Hollander
I have been informed by Louie that his wife Ceciliaís cancer has returned and had to go under one surgery already.  There is another cancer that canít be operated on and the are looking at ways to treat it with Chemo and radiation.  Please keep the both in your prayers.  Louieís email is Louis & Cecilia Pagan (loupagan53@yahoo.com)

Our prayers and best wishes go out to Cecelia that she may overcome her illness and for Lou that he may have the strength during these sad times.