June 1, 2016

Sick Desk

June 1, 2016                     LIFETIME MEMBER RET. SGT. BILL TRICARICO
Ret. Sgt. Dave Kolman called to inform us that Lifetime Member Ret. Sgt. Bill Tricarico was at Lenox Hill Hospital recovering from open heart surgery. Bill is in room 923 tel # 1-646-785-8956. We wish him well and a speedy recovery.

May 9, 2016                                            SICK DESK UPDATES

From Lou Hollander keystonecop1@verizon.net

I received this email from Alan Berkowitz.  His email address is berky4@aol.com


Just to update you on one of my health issues. My heart pressure not blood pressure is back to normal after I had my fistular removed from my right arm. I lost 30 lbs of fluid in my body especially in my legs. I feel great and I am able to walk again without constantly stopping. My next hurdle is my liver. Due to my heart condition my liver started to show signs of failure. My doctor told me that I have cirrhosis of the liver. I never drank in my life. I know coming from a former cop this is hard to believe! I guess I am writing to you to tell and our family that prayers do work. I am living proof! Thank you for all your prayers and I can't wait to see you and my brothers and sisters at the reunion. See you next month!

Alan B


Below are 2 emails I received from Katy Doran. Katy is a very positive and strong lady.  Please keep her and Sean in your prayers.  Also, as Katy mentioned in the second email that she and Sawn would appreciate emails from Seanís friends from the Transit Police family.  Seanís email address is  seakat@hargray.com

 I just came back after spending the morning and early afternoon with Sean. I feel I see things the Nurses don't. A few times today Sean moved his thumb on his right hand. An independent move, not reflexive as some of the other movements are. The best part is that when Brian ( Sean 's brother) and I were leaving Sean opened and closed his eyes several times. It is the first time he has done this.
Several people have called or left messages that he was prayed for in their church today. He is being prayed for, and thought about in Ireland, Germany, Australia, South America, Bermuda, and all over the US. Just a few Continents to go and we have covered the world! Keep praying.
The small miracles are happening and I continue to have hope and faith that more are on the way. I know this is a very long road we will travel, I am trying my best to take one step at a time.
Thank you all for your kind words, cards, emails, meatballs, turkey, etc.
Be joyful, enjoy the moments,
Katy Doran

Louie, emails, notes, cards are all welcome. I received a note from Sal Defede yesterday with pictures, just priceless . I bring them to Sean, read them and leave them in ICU. I want the nurses, Doctors , aides, etc. to know who he is, what a special person he is and that there are people everywhere praying for him.
Thank you, Katy Doran

April 20, 2016

Our thanks to Lou Hollander keystonecop1@verizon.net for forwarding this information:

 Lou was informed by Kathy Doran that her husband Sean Doran suffered a major stroke Thursday night  4/14.  She request prayers for Sean.  She will keep me updated and I will forward the information.


I have been informed by Hank Cronin that he had a conversation with Seanís wife, Kathy.  She said that Sean is in a coma and all is keeping very positive and needs lots of Transit Police prayers.  Her family is with her for support and knowing that Sean will get better.  I will pass on further information as I get it.  Please keep up the prayers.

Below is an email I received from Kathy and below that is a narrative of his condition that was sent to another friend.

Louie, below is an update on Sean that I sent to our neighbors, friends and family. Hoping it provides info for Sean's NY Transit police brothers. I am overwhelmed with calls so this is easiest for me. I talked to Hank, tell all to continue to pray and I will keep you update.

Thank you, Katy Doran

Good Morning Barry and all,
As you can imagine, I am so overwhelmed and touched by everyone in Moss Creek and the outpouring of love and good wishes. Let me begin by saying thank you, it means everything, and please continue to pray in whatever fashion you do. I have people all over the world praying for him.
Thursday into Friday morning Dr. Horn, neurosurgeon performed surgery that saved Sean's life.
Since then Sean has been in ICU and has shown some small improvement but we need more.
He is still in a coma, and it's not induced, in fact they have him off all pain medication, etc..
His vital signs are all good, but he is on a ventilator......helping him breath, not sure when they will see if he can do all his own breathing.
Dr. Horn, the nurses, ICU Doctor and staff are all wonderful, I feel like he is getting very good care.
My conversation with Dr. Horn yesterday was hopeful, obviously the sooner he responds, opens his eyes moves more voluntarily the better. Because of the extent of the bleed and damage it did to the right side of his brain, he will have diminished capability on his left side, cognitively he will fare better. There are still very serious unknowns regarding brain stem impact.
This will be a marathon not a sprint healing process and there is still much unknown, uncertainty and risk and threat. But I have enormous hope and faith that he will continue to improve. He is after all a very stubborn and determined Irishman! He is surrounded by love, caring and good care.
I have family here with me and Sean 's brother Brian and sister Rita are also here. Sean's mom has not been told, Rita will go to NY Wednesday to tell her. We worry about her, but she is a strong minded, determined woman, like mother, like son.
I will end by thanking you all again and asking that you continue to pray for him, ask everyone you know to do the same.
Be joyful, enjoy the moments,
Love, Katy
I hope I have not missed anyone!


Hello Louie,

Wanted to pass this along about my wife Kathy, she underwent the following:

Spinal stenosis, lumbar region, with neurogenic claudication
Spondylolisthesis at L4-L5 level

Doctor is pleased how everything went during and after surgery.  Procedure did take longer than he had planned.  Kathy is
getting stronger as each day passes but tried to decrease the pain and spasm medication.  BAD MOVE. 
Follow your Drs. orders.

Gordon shield2347@verizon.net

February 23, 2016            SICK CALL FOR RET. P.O. FRANK WAKELY

We received the following news from Lou Hollander as received from Alan Berkowitz:

I have been informed by Alan Berkowitz that Frank Wakely has been hospitalized and will be so for about 3 weeks.  No one seems to know what is wrong with him.  Alan, as well as Louie Shanley, had visited him in the hospital and both said he seems to be very confused and doesnít seem to know where he is.  He told Alan he was in the Bahamas.  He also requested that Alan have me call him.  I called his cell for a number of days with negative results and I tried to reach him via the hospital phone which he never answered.  Frank is in Good Samaritan Hospital in West Palm Beach tele # 561-655-5511 room 378.  Please keep Frank in your prayers as it seems he needs them.

Our best wishes and prayers go out to Frank that he may receover from his illness.