March 9, 2023

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Sick Desk

March 9, 2023                         JERRY SCHWARTZ'S WIFE & ALAN BERKOWITZ  OUT SICK            

Received from Lou Hollander keystonecop1@verizon.net

Received from Stu Friedman. Iím in Florida and was on my way to see Jerry Schwartz when he called and said his wife had a heart attack. She couldnít breathe and EMS removed her to Bethesda East Hospital in Boyton Beach. I met Jerry there and his wife has been stabilized for the time being and was being removed to the ICU for further evaluation. No prognosis at this time.

 I have been informed that Alan Berkowitz has been moved to a hospital in Orlando in very serious condition. Alan texted that he is having surgery tomorrow, March 10th. No details given. Prayers are requested. PLEASE NO PHONE CALLS, TEXTS OR EMAILS



Hi Tony.

My name is Donna Amato. My husband Pat Amato, a retired Transit Police Officer, was diagnosed in December with tongue cancer caused by working at the 9/11 site.

If you could pass this on I would appreciate the prayers.
Thank you

From Lou Hollander

I have been informed by Alan Berkowitz berky4@aol.com  that Ret. Lt. Barry Landsberg is in the hospital and prayers are being requested. That is all the information I have. 

Please keep Pat & Donna and Barry in your prayers. Well wishes may be sent to Pat & Donna at tweek1@optonline.net and to Barry at elandsberg@comcast.net

February 19, 2023                            PRAYER REQUEST - RICHARD SAUNDERS
From Lou Hollander keystonecop1@verizon.net


Hey Louie,
I just wanted to touch base with you regarding my health issue.I was diagnosed by my Urologist and MRI that I have a mass on my right kidney. My biopsy is scheduled for 21 February at the Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa to confirm if it is cancer.

I need all the prayers I can get if I do have cancer to get well. No calls please.

My email address is: cwousa@cfl.rr.com
Richard A Saunders

February 7, 2023                     SICK DESK BILL LAWRENCE, TOM GREER and JACK D'ARCY

From Lou Hollander keystonecop1@verizon.net
I have been informed by Bill Lawrence's wife, Vickie, that Bill was admitted to the hospital this past Saturday morning. He was experiencing abdominal pain. I am told they are doing tests and will have a biopsy. Vickie request our TP Prayer warriors pray for him.

Our Executive Secretary Tom Greer is home from the hospital after having a hip replacement. He's on rehab right now and we wish him a quick recovery. Tom reports that 1/2 the Mets-Yankees Game tickets have already beem sold.

Member Jack D'Arcy recently had back surgery and we also wish him a successful recovery.

Please keep these and all our fellow retirees in your thoughts and prayers.

February 4, 2023               PRAYERS REQUEST - RON MORALES & KATHY ABITABILE

From Lou Hollander keystonecop1@verizon.net

Ret. P.O. Ronnie Morales District 11, informed me that his wife Rosa was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer which has spread to her bones, liver, and spine. The doctors ran tests on her to see which kind of treatment she will need.
Ronnie request prayers for Rosa.

Kathy Abitabile asks for prayers for her mother who has been hospitalized the past few months.

Please keep Kathy's mother and Ron's wife in your prayers. Both are in bad health and can use all the help possible.

January 15, 2023                              LATEST MEMBERS ON THE SICK LIST
Our Recording Secretary Bob Forrester, came home Friday after a few days stay in the hospital for a bleeding ulcer.
Fortunately, his doctors found the cause of the bleeding but he had to remain a few days longer until his blood numbers came up to normal. His wife, Fran, and their dog, Dukie, were very happy to have him come home. Rest up, Bob, and stay healthy. Well wishers can contact Bob at tp1817@hotmail.com or 516-488-2775

Our Executive Secretary Tom Greer, has informed us that he will be out of action for awhile as he is having a hip replacement in February. His being out of action will mean a serious lack of revenue for Nassau County as Tom is a "heavy hitter" working in the Nassau County PD Highway Unit.

Tom also asked us to again post the information on the 2023 Mets-Yankees game, June 13th, 7:10 PM. As a reminder to those interested, get your orders in fast. This year, Tom only purchased 100 tickets and they will be going fast at $163 per ticket. Same seats as last year.

Tom can be contacted at 631-902-8911 and mail in your check for tickets to 508 Harbor Road, Cold Spring Harbor NY 11724 or email at hpb2270@optonline.net

We wish Bobby, Tom, and all our fellow retirees good health in this new year.