January 23, 2019

Sick Desk

January 23, 2019                                                  SICK DESK UPDATES

From Lou Hollander:


Lou is reporting that his catheterization was successfully completed with a stent inserted and he is feeling fine. We are very pleased to hear the good news. He thanks all who offered prayers on his behalf.


Recently, Freddy went to the doctor because he had pain on his left side at the point where he had his insulin pump port inserted.  He was diagnosed with an infection and was give antibiotics to take.  One night he could not sleep because the pain was so bad.  He went for his scheduled radiation treatment and after that he felt he had to go to the ER as the pain was unbearable and the area tripled in size.  I took him to the hospital and waited till he was seen by the doctor.  The Dr. stated the infection was very serious and he had to do a Cscan and thought he would have to be operated on because he felt the infection went into his stomach.  The operation was scheduled according to Freddy. Please keep Freddy in prayer that all goes well.  You can call him on his cell 727-247-2526 which I am sure he would appreciate.

I spoke with Henry Melchiona last night regarding his brother Tomís cancer surgery.  Hank told me the operation was very successful and he will not need any cancer treatment.  He does have to have 3 more hernia surgeries.  Tom has been home recuperating and I am told he is not a good patient.  Hank thanks all for all the prayers.


I spoke to Bill via telephone and he told me that after his wife Lillian had triple by-pass surgery, she ran into complications.  She has been hospitalized over 84 days and is in ICU.  She also has to be on dialysis.  Bill said Lillian is a fighter.  He would like to thank everyone for thier prayers and please keep them coming.  Bill's email address is lmatos2@tampabay.rr.com

Our prayers and best wishes go out to Tom Melchiona and Lillian Matos.

January 2, 2019                          PRAYERS REQUEST FOR LOU HOLLANDER and
                                                                      RET. P.O. WILLIAM ROMAN

Lou received this request from Rich Dixon traincar0513@yahoo.com
Hey Louie.
Can you post sick member William (Willy) Roman, Member of Dist.  11, 12, Boro,  Rodmanís Neck.  He is in need of prayers and thoughts and visits.
He is at Kingís Harbor MultiCare Center
2000 East Gun Hill Rd
Bronx N.Y.  10469
Rm 337.
He is at end stage renal failure with dialysis 3x week.  His family and Willy needs prayers and support and he loves visits to cheer him up even just to sit for a bit with him.

Our prayers and best wishes go out to Willy that his health issues get better.

December 23, 2018                                       UPDATE FOR FRANK CRISA 
We heard from Frank today and he tells us that his bladder surgery on Thursday was successful and he is happy with it. There's still some discomfort from the surgery itself and recovery will take time. He has already started work on the next issue of the newsletter. Frank appreciates all the emails and phone calls he has received and we wish him well.

December 4, 2018                                       UPDATE FOR SAL CIAFONE 

From Lou Hollander:  I received this email from Salís daughter Nicole, which I believe is a copy of what was sent to the Retireeís Assoc.  If you could send Sal an email via Nicole 445nicole@gmail.com  I am sure he would really appreciate it.

Dear President Lanning,
I found your email address on the beyondtheline-tpa.org website (great site, by the way).  My father, Retired PO Sal Ciafone, was admitted to a nursing home a few months ago due to advanced Parkinsonís, and as the holidays approach I had an idea.
He is kind of down as this will be his first Christmas living there, and I was wondering if, as any of the members send out their holiday cards this year, they might also be willing to send one to him. I know it would lift his spirits immeasurably to hear from his Transit Police brothers.  He was always a proud Transit Officer and later, proud retiree. He graduated from the academy on June 21, 1965 (before my sister and I were born) Ė later shot in the legs while on duty by a turnstile jumper, 2 weeks after I was born in January 1974. Thankfully he recovered and was put in plain clothes while serving in District 12ís Vandal Squad, until his retirement in 1986.
If anyone is willing, the address is below (please indicate the NYC Transit Police affiliation on the card as his memory is so-so these days):
Sal Ciafone
c/o Nicole Shryock
445 Broadway, Apt 2A
Hastings on Hudson, NY 10706

Thank you in advance for any assistance that can be provided and wishing you and all of the TPD a wonderful holiday season!

Warm regards,

Nicole Ciafone Shryock,

Daughter of Sal Ciafone

Nicole's response to an email we sent her:



Thank you so much for your email and for posting mine on the website.  I canít believe he never joined the association; he was probably too busy fishing but thatís no excuse.

You are very kind to send the last 2 newsletters Ė I am sure he will enjoy looking at them! 

Thank you so much and I hope you have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year as well!


Warm regards,


Our best wishes go to Sal that he may have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.