March 26, 2015

Sick Desk

March 19, 2015             RET. LT. HOWARD HAAG         

From Lou Hollander:

I have been informed by Howie Haag that he was in St Joseph’s Hospital on Tuesday 3/17 for a bladder cancer operation.  He request that that our “Prayer Warriors” in blue send out some prayers for him.  Howies email address is hhaa311@aol.com phone # 516-5572579

Our prayers and best wishes go out to Howie for a successful operation and recovery from his illness.


From Lou Hollander:

Joe just had a knee replacement recently, the 2nd one in 9 years.  He said he was in a lot of pain after the surgery, but when I spoke with him, he said the pain wasn’t too bad. He was released from the hospital and began rehab at home.  He said he will be at the Florida reunion in June.  You can email get well wishes to Joe at jokarmon@msn.com or you can call him on his cell in the evening at 864-506-0027.

February 8, 2015          SICK DESK UPDATES

From Lou Hollander keystonecop@verizon.net

Sent from Frank Crisa as received from Ret. Lt. Dan D’Alessandro

Please put out a prayer request for Retired Sgt. Robert White, who suffered another stroke and is currently in Staten Island University Hospital.
Bob’s wife Arlene says he is not doing well and will be transferred to Cloves Lakes Rehabilitation Center on Staten Island on Saturday.
No other information is available at this time.

Frank Crisa

I am informed by Arnie Fisher that he visited Tom McDonald at Flagler Hospital in Palm Coast Arnie tells me that Tom has a circulation problem. 
Well wishes can be sent to Toms wife at Grammcdonnell@gmail.com   You can also call the hospital at 386-586- 2000 room 2208.
 I spoke with him last night and he sounded in good spirits.  He hopes to get out by Monday.  I am sure he would appreciate a call

Our best wishes to all for a return to good health.

January 25, 2015         LATEST CALLS TO THE SICK DESK

We received the following from Lou Hollander keystonecop@verizon.net  :


Marily Robinson, the wife of Ret. Sgt. Gene Robinson, recently underwent triple by-pass surgery on January 19th.  Gene told me the operation took about 4½ hours, which was a success. 
Marily was sitting up this morning and will be up walking and doing PT shortly.  Gene’s email address is stan3248@yahoo.com
Keep Marily in your prayers



Just to update everyone on what going on with me. Since August, I have an infection in my left foot due to diabetes. I am in a wheelchair and not walking now. I been in and out of hospital 4 times. 2 times my heart and kidneys shut down. Since December I've been on a strong antibiotics every other day. I am almost done with the antibiotics, be done January 31. After that my foot doctor like to operate on my left foot to straightening my foot out so I can walk again.

Jerry’s email address is  EXGOALEXCDIRECTOR@gmail.com


Dear Louie,

Last night when I asked Gary if he had emailed you yet, he said no and asked what he should say. Since he is in the recovery room, after having a port placed this morning, I decided I would write to you.
I will start by asking for prayers.  It has been a crazy and hectic January.  It started on January 3rd when Gary was helping our daughter move a mattress and passed out and was having chest pain.  We went to the ER, thinking he was having a heart attack.  Good news, it wasn't a heart attack. Bad news, Gary has lymphoma. He has Non-Hodgkin’s diffuse large B cell lymphoma.
He was hospitalized from January 3-6, and in addition to multiple outpatient procedures, he was re-hospitalized on Monday, January 19th.  Gary has very low blood levels right now.  He has received transfusions three separate times, and unfortunately, we have discovered that he has some rare antibodies that make it difficult for his body to accept and process the transfusions.  The oncologist has started IV steroids in the hope that it will help his body accept the transfusions.  With the steroids and yesterday's transfusion his level is a tiny bit better. We are staying hopeful that we can continue to increase his hemoglobin level enough that he will be able to start chemotherapy soon.
Our outlook is hopeful and Gary is planning on giving this battle his all. Please pray for us.
I'll keep you posted with updates.
Eve Altman

Please send inquires and well wishes to Gary’s wife, Eve at buckeve@gmail.com


This prayer request was sent from Jim Rudolph roadog1327@aol.com

Hi Louie

Send some prayers out to the son of Retired Capt Jimmy Allbrecht who is five yrs old has some serious medical issues going on in FL.