October 16, 2019

Sick Desk

October 16, 2019                          SICK DESK - JERRY MOLLOY and FRED MACK

From Lou Hollander keystonecop1@verizon.net


Jerry had back surgery this morning at JFK Hospital, 5301 S. Congress Ave Atlantis FL 33462 to have two herniated disks which have affected the sciatica nerve. I received and email from Jerry’s wife Carol who stated that the doctor said all went well.  After he was in the recovery room for a while Carol got to see him and talk with him.  She said he sounded like himself and would probably stay in the hospital a couple of days. She said, “Prayers work” and requested prayers for Jerry for a fast recovery. I do not know when he will be up for phone calls.  As soon as I find out I will pass it on.


Freddy was released from rehab this past Sunday.  His family and I thought that he wasn’t ready to be discharged.  But the rehab center said they believe he reached his plateau and the insurance would not pay for anymore rehab treatment.  They said they would set him up for Home care.  His daughter arrived from Ohio Sunday AM and we both went to the rehab to pick Freddy up and bring him home.  His daughter disagreed that he should be released and was told she can appeal it but she would be wasting her time.  So she didn’t pursue it.    She took him out for dinner that night and he fell.  With help she got him in the car and got him home.  Monday morning, she got up at 6 AM and he was laying on the kitchen floor.  She called me to come over and we were unable to lift him up so we called the Fire Department and it took 3 guys to get him off the floor.   Yesterday Home health care came to evaluate him and they stated he should not be at home.  They went to see his primary Dr this AM and was told he had a slight stroke..  The Dr. wrote an order for him to go back to rehab.  They are just wait on a facility that has an opening.  Freddy is up to phone calls on his cell

September 30, 2019                    LATEST INFORMATION FROM THE SICK DESK

From Lou Hollander keystonecop1@verizon.net


I’ll be in Stony Brook Hospital on Oct 1. I’m having kidney transplant surgery. Just wanted to let the group know.


Received from Charles McCray cemccray@aol.com


Charles tells us that Cardinal came home from the hospital last Tuesday. I tried calling him, but he wasn't available at the time, so I just left a message wishing him well from the Association.


From Lou Hollander keystonecop1@verizon.net


On Friday, August 16th, my wife was in a serious car accident when the driver of the other vehicle going N/B on Tamiami Trail decided to make a left hand turn to get to the S/B lane and drove over the 4 ft. center median and crashed into the left side of my wife's vehicle and then proceeded to hit another stationary object and leave the scene.  He was eventually tracked down when a witness rode with law enforcement and located the other vehicle that was a 22 year old Ford f-150, uninsured, no license, unregistered and the title was in the name of another person.  My wife was transported to Sarasota Memorial Hospital a class 1 trauma center where she underwent surgery and given numerous blood transfusions.  She has had a total of 4 surgeries.  She suffered a small brain bleed on the right side of the head, a broken clavicle, cracked rib on the right side and injured the right lung, a fracture to her right knee, fracture to the tibia and fibula of her right leg and severed lacerations to both legs that required skin grafts to close the wounds.  The wound to the right leg was extremely serious as the bone could be seen.  initially, they were not sure she would have made it or if they could save the right leg.  Yesterday, she was transferred to a rehab facility where they hope to finally get her up and out of bed in the next 5 days and get her sitting in a chair and then a wheelchair.   The state attorney is going to hold a hearing later this month on bringing criminal charges,  but I will be calling them tomorrow that it will be some time before she will be medically cleared to be in public due to the continual threat of infection.  I hope they can take a disposition at her facility.  I am also will be getting all the medical information including X-rays, etc. for the prosecutor if they have not requested this information and in the event we pursue further action, if there  is anything out there to pursue.

Bob McGuire npbobkat68@gmail.com

Our prayers and best wishes go out to Kathleen and the McGuire family that she may fully recover from her injuries.

August 19, 2019                                          MORE PRAYERS REQUESTS

From Lou Hollander


Hi Lou,

Hope all is well with you and your family.  I write once again because Ceci's cancer is back.  She needs surgery to have another port put in this week.  She is starting Chemo on Wednesday the 21st.  We believe in prayer and with God's help we will get through this once again. Thank you for all you do.  Take care my friend.

Your brother in blue,
Louis Pagan



Claude (Dirty Harry) Pierre is in St Luke's University Health Campus Hospital Located in Bethlehem Pennsylvania since 1 Aug 19. He cannot take any calls now. The Police family needs our power of prayer so he can beat his lung condition. They tried to inflate his left lung , however it will not hold.

Richard Saunders cwousa@cfl.rr.com

I just spoke with Harry very briefly he told me he has pneumonia and a collapsed lung.  He sounded like he was heavily sedated and stated he was in quite a bit of pain.  I asked if he wanted me to send out a “Blast” to the guys and he told me to. His cell phone number is 917.673.4803.  He said he would like to hear from the guys.


Receive this information from Ray Burke’s wife Joan, brutus9jb@gmail.com Update on Ray Burke please keep him in your prayers, been in REHAB since December trying to gain the strength in his legs.


From Lou Hollander; information received from Pete Ahern deerpark1@yahoo.com

Lifetime Member Retired Transit Police A. C. I. George Latimer is in AdventHealth Winter Park as follows:

AdventHealth Winter Park
220 N. Lakemont Avenue
Winter Park, Florida  32792
(407) 646-7000
Room #3314

He underwent a hip replacement in June and was temporarily at a rehabilitation facility.  On Wednesday, 8/14, he underwent a kidney procedure.

I visited with him this afternoon and he is in good spirits.  I'm sure he would enjoy hearing from some more of us "Old Timers."

Pete Ahern

Our best wishes to Chief Latimer that he will quickly recover from his surgeries.


From Lou Hollander:

Hi Lou,
Sorry I had to cancel my appearance at the Reunion this year, last minute problems at this end.
What I'm writing about is I'd appreciate some prayers on my upcoming surgery. I have lung cancer and will be going into the Penn State/ Hershey Medical Center on the 30th of this month to have the upper lobe of my right lung removed. Transit Tough, so I'm really not that worried. Besides I know that God has this hands down! My prostate cancer wasn't any big deal so I certainly won’t Sweat this. 2-3 days in the hospital and 6-9 months recovery.
So if all of my Transit brothers and sisters can keep me in your thoughts and prayers I'd be very appreciative. My number here 570-357-4162 if anyone wants to harass me.

God bless and "Transit Forever"

John Gilizia  pdblues@ptd.net

Our prayers and best wishes go out to John for his upcoming surgery.

July 7, 2019                                                          UPDATE OF SICK LIST 

Lou Hollander received this information from Bill Matos. lmatos2@tampabay.rr.com

Hi Louie, hope that all is well with you and the family.

Please, when you send any message to the troops, advise them that my wife, Lillian is coming along very well. After 8+ months, she is breathing on her own, eating, taking steps, rolling a wheel chair

Thank all that prayed for her and me, I’m truly grateful. God Bless you all and keep you safe and healthy.