May 23, 2024

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Sick Desk

May 23, 2024                           UPDATE - PRESIDENT VALENTINO IN FOR KNEE REPLACEMENT
Association President Bob Valentino had surgery for a knee replacement performed at the Hospital For Special Surgery in Manhattan this past Wednesday, May 22nd.

After stabilization from the surgery, he was released and is now home recuperating. Bob said this surgery was a bit more uncomfortable than the last one 8 years ago. It's an age issue, no doubt.

He's experiencing some pain and discomfort, but he is determined to get over this in time for the membership meeting on June 5th.

Our best wishes to Bob for a successful recovery.

Well-wishes can be sent to Bob at leftybowler0601@gmail.com

May 15, 2024                          UPDATE FOR RET. P.O. TOM HARTNETT ON THE SICK LIST
From Lou Hollander keystonecop1@verizon.net


Tommy told me that he was released from Rehab on Tuesday. He is home, and I believe he would love to hear from his friends. His cell # is 845-743-0676.

He told me he was there because he had blood clots in his legs and that he couldn’t move one of his legs. I asked if I could send out his phone number and he said yes. I told him I would call him when I returned. I called his room number and there wasn’t any answer.

I then called John Selvestro Buddyki@yahoo.com and he told me that Tommy came down with COVID and was moved to another room. I called his room through the switchboard, but he didn’t answer. This is the switchboard number 914-277-3691. I am sure he would love to hear from the guy/gals.

 Our prayers and best wishes go out to Tom that he may recover his health.

March 19, 2024                                                RET. P.O. RICHARD GADDE

From Lou Hollander keystonecop1@verizon.net


The Retirees Association also attempted to locate Richard after our mail to him was returned by the Post Office as "Unknown." We find it very sad to hear of Richard's conditon and for his wife, Lee, also.

From Lou:

For the longest time I’ve been trying to contact Richie and was unable. The only person I knew who was close with Richie was Jerry Lyons. I called Jerry, thinking he was still living in Florida, and was informed by Jerry that he no longer lives in FL and is now living in Maryland. I told Jerry that I have been calling Richie’s phone and it has been disconnected. He is also on my email list and all his email came back undeliverable and I got the Christmas card I sent him returned.

Jerry told me he would be going down to FL in a couple of weeks and would stop by his house and see what’s going on. A few weeks later Jerry got back to me and told me that Richie’s house was a total mess with no one living in it. Jerry went to his next door and a man told Jerry that the house has been abandoned for about 2 years, and that Richie was in very bad shape with dementia and that Richie’s wife Lee and Richie went to live with her son.

Last night I got a call from his wife, but I wasn’t home. She left her phone number with my wife. I called her back and she told me that they lived with her son for 2 months and moved to an assistant living residence. It cost $3,000.00 a month just for her to stay with him. After a while she couldn’t afford to stay there. She moved back to Tequesta FL only to find her home trashed, broken into. The next-door neighbor, a woman who is a widow, has been taking care of her giving her food every day. Richie’s wife told me she has no insurance, she had Aetna Medicare Advantage which was cancelled Dec 31, 2022. She did not know why it was cancelled. I told her they can't just cancel your insurance. I told her to stay on the phone and I was going to make a 3-way call with Aetna.

A long story short, the person I spoke with pulled up Lee's information and told her she must transfer the call to another person. It was late and that person was gone for the day. I left Lee’s phone number, and that person will call her tomorrow.

I think because it was cancelled, she will have to re-apply and I don’t think she’d be able to handle the paperwork. If you are someone who lives near Tequesta and willing to help her with the paper work, please contact me 727-207-4323.

If anyone wants to visit Richie he is in Gracious Age Assisted Living, 1401 Magnolia Ave, Sandford FL 32771.

February 25, 2024                                   SICK DESK - RET. LT. GENE ROACH


From President Bob Valentino leftybowler0601@gmail.com

We are requesting prayers for Ret. Lt. Gene Roach who is in hospice care at the Stonybrook VA Assisted Center. I spoke to him last night and he sounded very weak. Please keep Gene in your thoughts and prayers.

Tony Magliano, Gary Travers & I went to visit the one and only Gene Roach last November 14th at the VA Hospital in Stony Brook with a hip fracture. He was in great spirits and was as funny as ever. We thanked him for his service to our country as a Marine as well as his service to the City of New York as an S/A Lieutenant. We reminisced about the old Transit Police days and the great stories we have in our heads. His birthday was Wednesday 11-8 and it was the Marine's 248th birthday today. Gene is admired, respected, and loved by many and intends to be back on his feet real soon. God Bless Gene Roach.


January 8, 2024                                         EDDIE TORRES ON THE SICK LIST

Received from Lou Hollander keystonecop1@verizon.net


Last week Eddie suffered a stroke and was hospitalized. Initially he didn’t have any movement in his right leg and arm. I spoke to him today and he told me he was getting out of the hospital today. He regained movement on his right side. He sounded great and said he can take phone calls 386-574-8455