March 20, 2019

Sick Desk

March 20, 2019                                     PRAYERS REQUEST FOR FRANK CRISA

Our Association editor, Frank Crisa, is scheduled to undergo major surgery in the next few weeks to alleviate a serious medical conditon that he has been suffering for several years. We all offer our prayers and best wishes that he may overcome this debilitating condition and return to a normal lifestyle. In the meantime, Frank has been working long hours to complete this upcoming newsletter issue before he goes in for the surgery and he looks foward to starting the next issue after his recovery.

All our best to you, Frank.

March 14, 2019                                     10-13 FOR RET. LT. SCOTT LACOBS

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Retired Transit Lieutenant Scott Lacobs is in need of a kidney. Scott will be starting dialysis shortly. Scottís blood type is O. Scott lives in South Florida and is presently on the list at Jackson Memorial in Miami.

I know personally what it means to need a kidney. I was very fortunate to have had two kidney transplants in thirty years. Our brother in blue needs our help! Please, if you know anybody who is willing to be tested or donate a kidney to Scott please e-mail or call me on my cell phone.

Please forward my request to everyone on your email lists.
Thank you,
Alan Berkowitz
Retired Detective
954-816-8163 cell

March 3, 2019                               PRAYERS NEEDED FOR THE WIFE OF LOUIS PAGAN

We received the following from Lou Hollander
I have been informed by Louie that his wife Ceciliaís cancer has returned and had to go under one surgery already.  There is another cancer that canít be operated on and the are looking at ways to treat it with Chemo and radiation.  Please keep the both in your prayers.  Louieís email is Louis & Cecilia Pagan (loupagan53@yahoo.com)

Our prayers and best wishes go out to Cecelia that she may overcome her illness and for Lou that he may have the strength during these sad times.

January 23, 2019                                                  SICK DESK UPDATES

From Lou Hollander:


Lou is reporting that his catheterization was successfully completed with a stent inserted and he is feeling fine. We are very pleased to hear the good news. He thanks all who offered prayers on his behalf.


Recently, Freddy went to the doctor because he had pain on his left side at the point where he had his insulin pump port inserted.  He was diagnosed with an infection and was give antibiotics to take.  One night he could not sleep because the pain was so bad.  He went for his scheduled radiation treatment and after that he felt he had to go to the ER as the pain was unbearable and the area tripled in size.  I took him to the hospital and waited till he was seen by the doctor.  The Dr. stated the infection was very serious and he had to do a Cscan and thought he would have to be operated on because he felt the infection went into his stomach.  The operation was scheduled according to Freddy. Please keep Freddy in prayer that all goes well.  You can call him on his cell 727-247-2526 which I am sure he would appreciate.

I spoke with Henry Melchiona last night regarding his brother Tomís cancer surgery.  Hank told me the operation was very successful and he will not need any cancer treatment.  He does have to have 3 more hernia surgeries.  Tom has been home recuperating and I am told he is not a good patient.  Hank thanks all for all the prayers.


I spoke to Bill via telephone and he told me that after his wife Lillian had triple by-pass surgery, she ran into complications.  She has been hospitalized over 84 days and is in ICU.  She also has to be on dialysis.  Bill said Lillian is a fighter.  He would like to thank everyone for thier prayers and please keep them coming.  Bill's email address is lmatos2@tampabay.rr.com

Our prayers and best wishes go out to Tom Melchiona and Lillian Matos.