October 5, 2015

Sick Desk

October 5, 2015                                      RET. P.O. WILLIAM RUHE

From Lou Hollander:

I have just been informed by Don Wisotsky  Nypd1507@aol.com that his close friend, Bill Ruhe, has been in South Hampton Nursing home for the past 2 years.  Bill has Dementia and for the past 2 weeks he just sits in a chair and hasnít been eating. They now have him on a feeding tube. Billís wife Celeste, told Don that she doesnít think Bill will be around for Christmas.  Bill canít take phone calls, but you can call is wife Celeste at 631-399-7411or you can send a card to Bill, 109 Park Dr. Mastic Beach, NY 11951.  Keep Bill and all our sick brothers & sisters in your prayersí


September 22, 2015                                       SICK DESK UPDATES

From Lou Hollander:


I have been informed by Joan, Rayís wife, that Ray has been in and out of the hospital & rehab most of the summer.  He has had a bad infection (C.diff) and his sugar is out of control. They cannot control and he now has kidney problems. He is in ICU at a hospital in Lehighton, PA   He does not have a phone at this time.  You can email him at brutus9jb@gmail.com and his wife will give him your email.  You can also call Joan at 201-403-3917.  Please keep him in prayer


I have been informed that Marie Block, wife of Larry Block, had suffered  a heart attack Thursday night, September 10th.  She is in the hospital resting well and should be released Sunday or Monday, september 13-14..  You can email Larry at marieblock19@yahoo.com

Our prayers and best wishes go to the families of those above.

September 3, 2015             WIFE OF RET. P.O. LOUIS PAGAN                              

From Lou Hollander:


Hi Lou,

Thank God, the surgery went well.  The surgery took over six hours but the doctor said that it all went as planned.  She is home now and resting.  Please keep the prayers still coming.  Thanks again Lou.  Regards to all, Louis

Louís email address is LouPagan53@yahoo.com

August 20, 2015                 LATEST ON THE SICK LIST

From Lou Hollander:


I just spoke with Januari Venable, daughter of Robert Venable, the last member of the New York City Transit Police to be killed in the line of duty, who informed me that his mother, Mrs. Cordelia (Dee) Fuller, is critically ill with lung cancer. After Robert's passing, Mrs. Fuller became like family to me and she considered the men and women of the Department as family also. I ask that everyone please take a moment each day to say a prayer for her and pray that by some miracle she can recover. Thank you and may God bless and look over Dee Fuller and her family.


Every once in awhile, and not too often, I get an opportunity to post some good news and this is one of those times.  As you know in my last email regarding Ralph, he was awaiting results of his toxoligy report.  Ralph just went under major surgery a few days ago.  He had a tumor removed from his lung.  I spoke with him last night and he had a lobe removed from a lung.  He is waiting for the results of the tests that were sent out to see if or what other, or if any further treatment is necessary.  Ralph sounded good, seemed to be in the right spirit.  He said he has a drain he has to wear for awhile.  He feels weak and has to rest for awhile.  He requested that prayers be said, that the tests go well.  He would Love to hear from you

Below is an email update from Ralph.

I would like to thank my Transit family for your prayers and support.  I just got my toxoligy report this morning and they got all the cancer. Thank you all. Ralph Congregane

Ralphís email is congreganer@yahoo.com and phone number 239-768-5988

Our prayers and best wishes go out to Dee Fuller and to Ralph for a full recovery from their illness and back to good health.

August 18, 2015           WIFE OF RET. P.O. LOUIS PAGAN and
                             LIFETIME MEMBER RET. P.O. AL ADORNETTI  

From Lou Hollander:


I have been informed by Louis that his wife Ceciliaís cancer has returned and is in The University of Miami Sylvester Medical Center.  She is schedule for surgery on Monday 24th of August.  He asks to please keep her in your prayers.  Louís email address is LouPagan53@yahoo.com


Received from Ret. P.O. Frank Arcati farcati1851@att.net

Hi Louie, and congrats on your new baby boy grand-son.  May God bless him and keep him healthy. 
I'm contacting you to give you some info about Al.  I received a call from him about two weeks ago.  He was in a hospital near his home in Hollywood, Fla.  He said that while walking his dog he stumbled and fell to the pavement and cracked his head just above his left eye. He was removed to the hospital and has apparently suffered a concussion, resulting in the loss of use of his left leg.  They started him on physical therapy to which he is slowly responding and today they are sending him home to continue the therapy.
Since his wife, Bernadette, is also disabled, she will most likely be unable to be of much assistance for him.  Just wanted to let you know so that you might spread the word, in your own inevitable way, to let our people know what's happening.  Thanks so much, stay in good health and continue to keep us all bound together.  Kudos to you and yours!

Your brother-in-blue,
Frank Arcati

I am sure Al would like to hear from his friends his email address is bigal1378@msn.com Or you can give him a call at 954-961-4973

Our prayers and best wishes go out to Cecelia and Al that they may recover from their illness and injuries.

August 13, 2015            SON OF RET. P.O. JOSEPH SULLIVAN

From Lou Hollander:

I have not reached out to my Transit Police Family in a while but I am now. I am asking for prayers for a speedy receovery for my son, Joe, who had a bad car accident on Friday, 7/17, on State Road 580 / Hwy 19 in Clearwater FL.
He broke his back and is in CCU at st. Joseph Hospital in Tampa. He started out in ICU on Friday and was just moved Tuesday night.

Thanks for everything you have done in the past.

"Lefty" aka Joe Sullivan, Ret. NYPD 1998.  Transit Forever!!

Our prayers and best wishes go out to Joe and the Sullivan family that he makes a full recovery from the accident.

                                  RET. P.O. ANGELO BALZANO

Ret. P.O. John Tully called and reports that his wife, Denise Tully, was recently diagnosed with colon cancer and will be undergoing treatment at LIJ Hospital on Long Island. Please pray for Denise that she will overcome this illness and return to good health.

Lou received this email from Joe Mastromarino JMastromar@aol.com  regarding Angelo Balzano.  Joe tells me that Angelo has a number of health issues.


Hi, Lou


I spoke with Angelo Balzano's wife today after hearing that he may be ill, They were in the process of selling their S.I. home and purchasing a home in Monroe twp N J. they had to cancel the final walk through in the N. J.. home and in fact canceled the purchase all together, due to Angelo's Health situation.


Please keep Angelo and his wife Miriam your prayers . His e-mail address is angelo1675@aol.com, I'm sure he would like to hear from MOF's if his illness allows him to converse.