November 18, 2016

Sick Desk

November 18, 2016           UPDATE ON RET. P.O. FRANK WAKELY

Frank Wakely, formerly of sunny and warm Florida and now entrenched on Long Island, is currently enjoying his stay at St. Francis Hospital in Roslyn, NY, under the care of an excellent medical staff and the retired Transit Police officers in the Security Department. Frank is undergoing tests for problems and will be there for a few days.

Walter Nunns, Ed Kaercher, Vinny Servedio and I saw Frank when he came in the other day. He is in room 2511 (2 East in the DeMatteis Pavilion) and his phone is 516-277-4759. We're sure he will appreciate any phone calls. 

All our best wishes to Frank for a speedy recovery back to good health.

October 10, 2016                             RET. P.O. TOMMY LONG

From Lou Hollander keystonecop1@verizon.net

Hello everyone,
Just a quick note that Tommy finally got his back surgery performed on 10/4 and all went well...we hope to have him home by Thursday...
I know all of our friends have been praying for him and for that we thank you and keep him in your prayers for a quick and good recovery.
For his friends from Transit, you may call him at home by Saturday # 352-693-4928, I’m sure he would love to hear from you.
I will keep you posted.
God Bless you all,

Our prayers and get well wishes go out to Tommy for a full recovery.

September 18, 2016         RET. P.O. HUGH POWELL and RET. P.O. JOHN KELLY

From Lou Hollander keystonecop1@verizon.net

Lou received this email from Arnie Fisher arnoldfisher@hotmail.com

Hi Louie,
 A good friend of mine, Hugh Powell, is in Stonybrook Hospital.  He retired from the TP about 30 years ago and went to work for the Rockefeller organization.  He has been retired from them for about 10 years.  At any rate, say a prayer for him.
All My Best,

Ret. P.O. John Kelly has been battling cancer for quite awhile and I honored his request not to send anything out to our network.  He called me this morning and told me that he has to see a doctor today but he feels nothing else can be done for him.  He is still holding out hope.  It was kind of hard to understand him, but I believe he said that he will go into hospice.  To make matter worse, John told me that while his wife Sharon was visiting him in the hospital on Saturday she suffered a massive stroke.  They have her now in an induced coma.  I believe John would like to hear from his friends, and I know that to be true otherwise he wouldn’t want is phone # given out.  His cell phone # 718-483-5918.  I told John to keep the faith and pray.  Prayers work and if it is Gods will miracles do happen.  Please keep John and Sharon in your prayers.

Our prayers and best wishes go out to Hugh and John that they may recover from their illnesses.

August 21, 2016                                      SICK DESK UPDATES

From Lou Hollander keystonecop1@verizon.net

Hi Lou!
Please be advised that retired Det. Richie Cannella is recovering from serious back surgery at New York Presbyterian Hospital in Manhattan. He will be there until August 28th and would probably enjoy hearing from some of the guys and gals from the job. He had his surgery on August 5th and is just starting his rehab. The surgery was a success, and he is expected to fully recover and return to normal relatively soon. His number is: (802) 236-8314. Thanks Lou. Be well....
Andy Moschetto

This Sick Desk notification  was received from Jimmy McCarron jlmacc1@hughes.net

Just wanted to inform those who may know Ret. P.O. Gene Acri, who retired from District 2, and also worked in Districts 4 & 12, that he had Cardiac Surgery and is now recovering and doing ok. Just spoke with him yesterday, and will be in rehabilitation for about a week or so. For those who worked with Gene and would like to say hello, I am sure he would be glad hearing from you. info below. thanks all.  Jim McCarron

Gene Acri  is now receiving in-patient cardiac rehabilitation at Ramapo Manor Center for Rehab. & Nursing. The telephone number is 845-357-1230 and Gene’s extension is 3207

From Lou Hollander keystonecop1@verizon.net

I was informed by Frank that he has moved back to NY after being in a Rehab facility for about 4 months.  Frank is now living in an assisited Living facility on Long Island.  Unfortunately Frank became ill again and is currently in Long Island Jewish Hospital.  He was expected to be discharged on Sunday, July 24th.  You can call Frank on his cell # 516-384-5432

Our best wishes to Frank for a rapid recovery.