September 25, 2018

Sick Desk

September 25, 2018                     UPDATE ON PRESIDENT ED RUSSO

The latest information we received from Ed's close friend, member Andy Kochie, is that the hospitall is planning to move Ed to the hospice facility at Calvary Hospital in The Bronx either today or tomorrow. Ed will be there until a room is available at a hospice facility close to where he lives. His diagnosis is still terminal and no treatments have been planned for Ed.

Ed hasn't been answering his cell phone and it has been turned off despite many messages left. I tried calling him and got a message that his voice mail is full and not accepting further messages.

Unfortunately, the cancer has spread throughout his abdominal area and, because of his health, no chemo can be administered and that it is inoperable.  

Despite the efforts of Joe McGarry and his connections with Sloan-Kettering, Ed has refused to go there. We pray and wish him well that in some way, he may overcome this terrible illness..

Please keep Ed in your prayers.

We heard from Lou Hollander that Hank recently underwent surgery for a severe back problem. He will be home soon where rehab and recovery will take place. We all wish him well and pray for his recovery.

September 24, 2018                    UPDATE ON RET. P.O. JOHN SPALLIN 

From Tom Moriarty tommoeagle2@hotmail.com as received from Richard Stumpf rjstumpf@optonline.net 

Hi All,
Unfortunately, John is still unresponsive.  He has some swelling in his brain and legs.  His kidneys are starting to shut down.  His wife still has not been able to speak with the neurologist since some tests were
performed, but the outlook looks bleak unless there is some miracle.  He still has not woken up since this all happened.  But the doctors say it was not a heart attack, stroke or blood clot.  They are at a loss to find a cause for this and that is why they were performing some neurological tests.  At some point a decision to remove him from life support may have to be made.  Prayers are requested.

Thanks for all your responses, lets hope and pray for the best.                             

Our prayers and best wishes go out to John and his family.

Please keep Freddy Mack, det1013@verizon.net and his wife Susan in your prayers, as they are both starting treatment for cancer.  Freddy has prostate cancer and Susan has stage 4 lung cancer.

Our prayers and best wishes go out to Freddie and Susan that they may overcome their cancers.


I spoke to Jacque Maurice today and he asked me to post his sincere thanks to everyone who contacted him these past few months with get well wishes after his injuries several months ago.

He can still be reached at 718-857-6706 and said he was getting phone calls from fellow officers he never met before.

July 21, 2018                  SICK CALL FOR FRANK CRISA AND FREDDIE MACK

I spoke to our editor, Frank Crisa, today and found he is recuperating from a serious injury suffered in a fall last week. Frank was walking into his friend's home when he tripped and fell. In attempting to protect himself, Frank wound up shattering his right elbow and was in Staten Island Hospital for 5 days for surgery and repairs. He's home right now and is in a soft cast so his computer work has slowed down a lot. He will undergo rehab to get things back to normal.

The board and members wish him well and we look forward to his next piece of work in the next issue of our newsletter later this year.

Well wishers can contact Frank at his email: fcrisa@verizon.net 

From Lou Hollander:

Calling upon all my “Prayer Warriors in Blue”.  My very dear friends Freddy Mack and his wife Susan have both been diagnosed with cancer.  They both have appointments in the next week for further testing which will let them know the plan of how they will proceed.  Freddy is having a run of real bad luck as a few days ago he had to put their dog down.  Please keep Freddy and Susan in your prayers. Thank you! Freddy’s email is det1013@verizon.net. Cell # 727-247-2526

July 7, 2018                           RET. DET. DANNY CURTIN  IN HOSPITAL 

Sent by Lou Hollander

Ret. Det. Danny Curtin has been hospitalized for over a week with an infection.  Due to the infection, he had to have his right leg amputated above the knee.  I was just talking to Donny Tisdall who informed me that Danny will be starting rehab today (7/6).  He also informed me that the doctors said he can be fitted for a prosthetic leg and he will be good as new. 

Danny has a lot of support from all the Transit cops living on Pawleys Island, who all visit him every day and stay with him late into the night.  You can try calling him on his cell phone 718-640-5717 in the evening only so you don’t interfere with his rehab. His email is det724dan@aol.com

June 28, 2018                              RET. P.O. BOBBY FORRESTER UPDATE

Lifetime Member Ret. P.O. Bobby Forrester was discharged from the hospital last week and is recuperating at home. His spirits and health are good. In the meantime, he has been receiving get well calls and would appreciate any calls to him on his cell: 718-501-2485.

June 25, 2018                 RET. P.O.  VINNIE SERVEDIO DOING VERY WELL AND IS HOME

Lifetime Member Ret. P.O. Vinnie Servedio called us last week to let everyone know that he came through his triple bypass surgery with flying colors and was expected to be released soon

On an update, he came home this past Saturday and I spoke to him today. He is feeling very good and is undergoing rehab and is expected to be out of activity for a few weeks.

He wants to thank everyone who prayed for him and who called to give him good wishes after the surgery.


Lifetime Member Ret. P.O. Jacques Maurice recently suffered a severe accident and had to be hospitalized. After a few weeks in the hospital, he was moved to a physical therapy facility and eventually returned home. He is still in a lot of pain and asks that our members and friends offer prayers for his recovery.

As Jacques stated: "Keep the organization going; I love you guys." He can be reached at 718-857-6706 and would appreciate phone calls.

March 25, 2018                                         PRAYERS REQUESTED

Sent by Lou Hollander as received from Ed Provanzana edpro1@mac.com


Hi Lou,
Could you post this? My daughter, Jackie, is in need of a kidney. She lives in New Paltz NY and has been on dialysis for almost ten months. She’s a school teacher and has a wonderful family. This Web site www.kidney4jackie.com  explains things better than I can.  

Thanks again 
Ret. P.O. Ed Provanzana  


Rosa Morales, wife of Ret. PO Ronnie Morales, redmonkey_59@comcast.net  suffered a fall while visiting relitives up in The Bronx NY on March 17th. Rosa suffered a concussion and mulitpal contusions to her face.  She was briefly hospitalized and unable to fly home to Houston TX. The doctors didn’t think it was good for her to fly as they were afraid of her hemorrhaging.  Ronnie tells me he hopes she will be able to fly home soon.  He request that you keep her in your prayers.

Ret. P.O. Ben Berg is recovering from spine surgery performed on 3/23, and requesting prayers from the membership

Benny Berg

Our prayers and best wishes extended to Ben and Rosa that they may return to good health.