November 25, 2017


November 25, 2017              P.O. WILLIAM MARTIN and DET. GEORGE CACCAVALE
                                                        MEMORIAL SERVICE AT 1 POLICE PLAZA

On Wednesday, November 29th at 1100 AM, a Memorial Service will take place in the Police Memorial Lobby located at Police HQ, 1 Police Plaza. P.O. William "Billy" Martin was recently designated as a Line Of Duty death from injuries sustained in a brutal beating while on patrol. His name and that of the late P.O. George Caccavale will be placed on the Memorial wall.

If you are available, it will be great if many retired Transit Police officers attend this affair to show Bill and George's family that they are not forgotten.

Ret. Sgt. Bob Ganley has recently been appointed as a Deputy Commissioner of Administration to the Police Commissioner.
Way to go, Bob, and all our best wishes for a successful new career. Transit still rules!!!!

November 7, 2016                         REPORT OF NOVEMBER MEMBERSHIP MEETING            


First Vice Pres. Mike Lanning called the meeting to order and led the Pledge of Allegiance.

- Pres. Ed Russo was not present because of an illness. Recording Secretary Bobby Valentino was not present due to a death in the family.

- Treasurer Tony Lomanto read a list of those members who have passed away since the last meeting.  He also read the financial report. He said that the latest mailing of the newsletter had incorrect meeting dates for 2018. Our website will have the correct dates of the meetings for 2018 and the dues mailing in January will also have the correct dates. 

- Ron DiMaio asked the members to remember those who were wounded and killed in the recent terrorist attack on Tuesday, October 31st. He also reminded all to vote NO on the Constitutional Convention proposal on Election Day, Nov. 7th.

- Mike Lanning spoke about drug plans and that the PBA rcommends getting a Medicare Drug Plan if you spend a lot for drugs. That would be Medicare Part ‘D’ which may be helpful for those with very high drug costs.

- Tony Piazza, our Legislative Chairman, spoke about the fight for the VSF.  New bills have been introduced effective Jan. 1, 2018.

- Joe McGarry spoke about the Transit Police Widows and Children’s Party, which was changed to Sunday Dec. 17, 2018 due to a conflict with the LI Shields Christmas Party.  He thanked everyone for their support when his wife passed away.

- Tony Lomanto reported that FOP Lodge 69 honored Joe McGarry as Man of the Year.

- Charlie Moran spoke about former Transit Police Officer Richie DiGuglielmo, who was unjustly convicted. He will have a parole hearing in Sept. 2018. He has served 18 of a 20 year to life sentence in prison. Charlie further said that he will have a letter writing campaign prior to the hearing.

- The 50/50 drawing was held.  Three $40.00 cash prizes and gifts supplied by John Reeves were awarded.

- Our Christmas Party will be held at Antuns on Dec. 6th at 6:00 PM.

- Transit Police Reunion will be held at Antuns on Nov. 14th at 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM.

Meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Vincent R. Di Maio
Executive Secretary

October 30, 2017                               LATEST ISSUE OF NEWSLETTER IS IN THE MAIL

We are happy to inform our members that the next issue of our newsletter, "Beyond the Line," #2017-2, has been printed and is in the mail to our PAID members. It was finished up with the work of our editor Frank Crisa and myself and will contain all notes and letters along with the donation report for the period June 2nd to September 30th. Anything received after that will be in the next issue of 2018. 

Due to an error on my part, I did not add the following members who made donations and should have been in the last issue. I regret this omission. - Tony

*McCarthy, John   $50
*Curley, Joseph    $30
*Maresco, Robert $50
 Moran, Charles   $20

One important notice: The list of a few dates for the 2018 meetings shown in the newsletter is inaccurate. The dates of the meetings being held at Antuns had to be changed after the newsletter was printed due to scheduling purposes by Joe King. In the mailings to take place in January for the dues and membeship cards, the correct dates will be on the reverse side of the page enclosed with the President's report.

October 30, 2017                        REPORT OF OCTOBER MEMBERSHIP MEETING         

Prior to the official start of our meeting, Honorary Member and Vice President of the NYPD DEA, Paul DiGiacomo, spoke about the upcoming vote regarding the possibility of a New York State Constitutional Convention. He was emphatic that every member should vote NO and each member should ask family members and friends to do the same. He mentioned that if the convention was convened, the powers in place will try to reduce our pensions and other benefits. VOTE NO on November 7th.

Paul also mentioned the screening for Thyroid Nodules was very important and saves lives. He thanked HeartScan Services for conducting the tests at our meeting and also thanked our membership for participating.            

President Ed Russo called the meeting to order at 7:50 PM with the Pledge of Allegiance. Ed called upon Treasurer Tony Lomanto who named the members who recently passed away.

A motion to wave our regular meeting agenda so nominations for officers could be conducted was approved by members Rini & Reeves.      
Nominations for officers of the association were conducted by Tom Greer.

For President – Ed Russo by Weise & Rini / no other nominations for President.
For 1st Vice President – Mike Lanning by Russo & DiMaio / no other nominations for 1st Vice.
For 2nd Vice President – Harry Hassler by Lomanto & DiMaio /no other nominations for 2nd Vice.
For Treasurer – Tony Lomanto by Greer & Russo / no other nominations for Treasurer.
For Recording Sec. – Bob Valentino by Lomanto & DiMaio / no other nominations for Rec. Sec.
For Executive Sec. – Vin Dimaio by Russo & Valentino / no other nominations for Exc. Sec.
For Financial Sec. – Gregory Stripp by Russo & DiMaio / no other nominations for Fin. Sec.

Executive Secretary Vin DiMMaio cast the one vote for the above members of the Executive Board. They will begin their next two year term of office starting January 1st, 2018.
Tom Greer, who is our new representative for Mets tickets, spoke about the location of the seats and the possibility of a suite for next season.
Recording Secretary Bob Valentino spoke about two members (Bob Nieves for Softball and Mario Palermo for Golf) who have been nominated for the Association’s Sports Hall of fame. Vote for induction by the committee will take place in December.
The 50/50 raffle was conducted by Tony Lomanto & Vinnie DiMaio.There were three $40.00 winners with additional prizes supplied by a very generous John Reeves.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:40 P.M.
Submitted by Recording Secretary Bob Valentino


The following letter was sent to John Jay College expressing outrage on recent comments made by an adjunct professor Michael Isaacson.

September 20, 2017                         MEDICARE IRMAA REIMBURSEMENT UPDATE


Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Very important Medicare Part B Reimbursement information regarding IRMAA Reimbursement!

September 20, 2017                      MINUTES OF THE SEPTEMBER MEMBERSHIP MEETING

Submitted by Recording Secretary Bob Valentino

MINUTES of the RETIREE’S MEETING on 09/06/2017


President Ed Russo called the meeting to order at 7:40PM with the Pledge of Allegiance. 
Ed called upon Treasurer Tony Lomanto who named the members who recently passed away.

A general prayer was given by 2nd Vice President Harry Hassler.

Nominations for officers of the association were conducted by member Vinnie Servedio.

For President – Ed Russo by Lanning & Manfredo / no other nominations for President.

For 1st Vice President – Mike Lanning by Fisher & Russo / no other nominations for 1st Vice.

For 2nd Vice President – Harry Hassler by Lomanto & Piazza / no other nominations for 2nd Vice.

For Treasurer – Tony Lomanto by Lanning & Rini / no other nominations for Treasurer.

For Recording Sec. – Bob Valentino by Lanning & Russo / no other nominations for Rec. Sec.

For Executive Sec. – Vin Dimaio by Lomanto & Sacrestano / no other nominations for Exc. Sec.

For Financial Sec. – Gregory Stripp by Russo & Lomanto / no other nominations for Fin. Sec.

Vinnie Servedio mentioned the upcoming Romeo & Juliet Luncheon on September 13th with Pete Cardelena as a guest speaker.

Joe McGarry mentioned the Pig Roast and cigar night on Saturday September 9th at the FOP $100.00 per person.

Tony Piazza spoke about the importance to vote NO in November regarding the State Constitutional Convention and ask family and friends do the same. Contrary to word going around, NOT VOTING DOES NOT COUNT AS A YES! It will just be counted as a blank vote.He mentioned a new bill regarding the defined benefit sponsored by Senator Lanza & Assemblyman Lentol which is strictly for Retired Transit Police.


Added- John Conklin, spokesman for the New York State Board of Elections, said the office has received numerous phone calls about the post from voters across the state. In response, the Board of Elections is sending emails to those voters that read, in part, “The information being spread on social media alleging a BLANK vote equals a YES vote is incorrect.”

Tony Lomanto made a motion to donate $500.00 to the Houston Relief effort. Motion was passed and Doctor Ente, our Police Surgeon, matched the donation from the FOP Surgeon’s Lodge.

Member and former Vice President of the NYPD SBA Bob Ganley stated that he is the Director of the Police Relief Fund which has assets over 4 million dollars. Medical equipment & transportation is available. Within the 5 boroughs the equipment will be delivered. Otherwise members would have to pick it up. Income & assets are a factor. Members may contact Bob at (212) 226-2180 or (718) 626-9320.

Member Tony Norcia mentioned the passing of William Datthyn, the son of member Lucy Datthyn. William was a retired member of the NYPD.

Our Police Surgeon Gerald Ente spoke about a measles epidemic in Europe and highly recommended that if you are traveling to Europe to get immunized as the doze that we received many years ago has basically expired. He mentioned that drinking coffee 1 or 2 cups a day can extend life by 12 to 18 percent. He spoke about drug expiration dates and said that most medications still are effective after the expiration date and added that aspirin last forever. In conclusion he talked about a new Zika type virus called Oropouke and said that we should be very concerned about it.

The 50/50 raffle was conducted by Mike Lanning & Tony Lomanto.. There were three $50.00 winners and also a free ticket to the FOP Pig Roast worth $100.00. Additional prizes supplied by a very generous John Reeves.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:45 P.M.



From Associate Member NYPD Auxiliary Police Sgt. Christian Durante

I just wanted to let you know of something maybe you or association members may wish to attend.

I sponsored a Street Renaming for a Fallen Officer in my precinct. I redid his memorial wall & this past year sponsored a street renaming ceremony in his memory. If you or others want to come, the information is below. Thanks Brother.

The Guttenberg Family & The NYPD would like to invite the public to the Street Renaming Ceremony for
Hero Patrolman David Guttenberg of the 68th Precinct who gave his life in the Line of Duty for the Bay Ridge Community on December 28th, 1978. The Street Renaming Ceremony details are as follows:

When: Saturday, October 21, 2017 at 10 AM
Location: 86th Street & 7th Avenue
              Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, New York, 11209

Any questions, please email me. Let's come out & honor a Hero of the City!

Best Regards,

Christian Durante
Cell: 917-334-1464

September 12, 2017                  VICTIMS OF HURRICANES HARVEY AND IRMA

Our prayers and best wishes go out to our fellow members and officers who may have sustained damages from the recent hurricanes in Texas and Florida.

The association, at the last meeting on September 6th, passed a motion from the floor to make a donation of $500 to the Houston Police Union for their members who sustained damages from Hurrican Harvey and for the family of Sgt. Steve Perez who lost his life while responding to assisting at recovery locations.

If possible, we would like to hear from our members in Florida for their stories on how they survived Irma and what the Association can do to help.


The following was sent to us by Jack Coughlin, Treasurer and Newsletter Editor NYPD Superior Officers Association Retired

By Senator Rev. Rubén Díaz
District 32 Bronx County, New York
Tel 718-991-3161

Why I Am Against A Constitutional Convention

You should know that on November 7, 2017, New Yorkers will vote on whether or not to spend millions of dollars to hold a State Constitutional Convention.
You should also know that under the New York State Constitution, every 20 years on Election Day, New Yorkers are asked to answer this ballot question: “Shall there be a convention to revise the constitution and amend the same?”
It is also important for you to know that I believe that a Constitutional Convention will hurt the men and women in New York who are already struggling to pay their bills and raise their families, among them are union workers from transit to teachers, retirees, those seeking employment, those who find themselves in court, and even our environment will almost certainly suffer irreparable damage.
Some of the reasons why I am opposed to a Constitutional Convention are:
(1) Currently, the Constitution guarantees that pensions benefits for every public employee are protected and cannot be diminished or impaired.  A Constitutional Convention would almost certainly result in the lowering of pension benefits across the board for all public employees.
(2) The public sector union currently has the right to collective bargaining. With a Constitutional Convention, it is most likely that those collective bargaining for public sector unions will end.  This will do away with the right to good jobs and good wages.
(3) Presently, under the Constitution, all workers have the right to access public sector jobs. A Constitutional Convention will most probably turn back the hands of time and allow for discrimination, favoritism and nepotism in hiring.
(4) The Constitution currently provides for right to a free public education. A Constitutional Convention could take away this right, harming our children's fundamental right to education.
(5) Workers compensation rights are currently protected by the Constitution. A Constitutional Convention will almost certainly alter workers compensation, making work especially dangerous for many men and women who face serious injuries every day on the job.
(6) Our watersheds, state parks and wild preserves are being protected by the Constitution.  A Constitutional Convention can do enormous harm to our environment by opening up our watersheds, state parks and wild preserves to developers so they can be seized or plundered by the private sector.
(7) Our Constitution requires for judges to be elected into office by voters. A Constitutional Convention would almost certainly end the election of judges in favor or lifetime appointments, thereby opening our judicial system to many levels of corruption.
It is for this reason that I am opposed to, and ask everyone to vote “NO” to a Constitutional Convention. Otherwise, union workers, children, retirees, those seeking employment, those who find themselves in court, and even our environment will almost certainly suffer irreparable damage.
I am Senator Rev. Rubén Díaz, and this is what you should know.

Be aware of this:, the voting on this item is located on the back of the ballot abstaining to vote on this, it will be counted as a YES vote.

September 1, 2017                                         PENSION COLA INCREASE
We have been informed that effective with the pension check for September that you will receive at the end of this month, it will contain a 1.2% COLA increase. This will amount to an additional $18 per month.

July 22, 2017                                                   IMPORTANT WTC INFORMATION

Our thanks to Alan Berkowitz

WTC Notice of Participation Extended Until 2018

? The deadline for submissions for the World Trade Center Notice of Participation (“NOP”) Form has been extended.  The Governor signed the extender bill on September 11, 2016, and now the new deadline runs until September 11, 2018.
As you are aware, the Notice of Participation is not an application for disability benefits, but merely preserves the right of the member of the service to file for a WTC disability pension if he or she becomes disabled due to a 9/11-related illness. Failure to file the NOP may preclude the member from receiving a WTC disability pension or death benefit in the future.
The deadline to file for the Notice of Participation to be eligible for the Disability bill and the Death bill has been extended many times since the legislation was passed. However, September 11, 2018 will be the final deadline.
The NOP Form can be found on the NYPD Police Pension Fund website.  Click on the link below and scroll down to see the “Pension Alert” about the NOP.
If you believe you already filed, but are not sure, the PPF has listed all the Tax ID numbers of those whose paperwork they’ve already received under “WTC Information” on the left side of the home page. First, click on “WTC Information” and check the pdf file to see if your number is listed.  If it is, then you do not have to re-file.  However, if your number does not appear, you must file the form (even if you currently have no symptoms of illness) by September 11, 2018to be eligible in the future in case of illness and/or death.
Some of the materials you can use to verify your Notice of Participation work claims include your memo books, DARS (daily activity reports), overtime slips, detail rosters, command log entries (either still at your command or at the borough command), signed and notarized affidavits from colleagues verifying you were at the pile, the Morgue, or Freshkills Landfill, photographs taken at the locations during the rescue and recovery, and/or news articles from the rescue and recovery in which you are mentioned.
The New York Police Pension Fund website can be found at —


Our latest issue of the newsletter "Beyond the Line," #2017-1, has been mailed out to the PAID members . This issue is an amazing 48 pages and will be the highlight copy of our editor, Frank Crisa,  who did a great job putting together all the photos, letters and articles that were sent in and edited by Tony. Any comments will be appreciated and will be posted in the next issue.

As to the Trvia questions in this issue, President Ed Russo gave us these:

  1. The 2 officers who flew to DC were Andy Moschetto and Dave Fischbein
  2. The officer in the porter's room was John Hurley
  3. The officer who wanted to tbe the Lone Ranger in Coney Island was John DeMeis

Do you think these officers could  be open for an old OP #8 (not TP #8 - they didn’t have them then)? They were off post, out of sector, out of uniform, off the system, out of borough, out of city and out of state.

Scenario #1, what if they got involved in a shootout while in Washington and had to call the Operations Desk and explain that to them?

Scenario #2, what if, the plane that they were on got highjacked to Cuba and they had to call the Operations Desk and explain that to them?

It's amazing the things we got away with back in those days. - Tony


The September 2017 COLA equals 1.2 percent, for a maximum annual increase of $216.00, or $18.00 per month before taxes.

The Social Security increase is projected to be just 2.2 percent, or about $28 a month for the average recipient. Social Security recipients have gone years with tiny increases in benefits. This year they received an increase of 0.3 percent, after getting nothing last year.

Some good news for seniors: The trustees project that Medicare Part B premiums will remain unchanged next year. Most beneficiaries pay $134 a month, though retirees with higher incomes pay more.

Both Social Security's cost-of-living adjustment and the Medicare Part B premium are to be announced in the fall.

On another note, please check out the latest information on the Medicare Part 'B' reimbursement on our Health & Welfare page for instructions on receiving any additional monies taken out in excess of the regular amount, known as IRMAA.

July 9, 2017                                               NYPD PENSION SECTION MOVED

The NYPD Payroll Section has moved from 1 Police Plaza to 90 Church Street, 12th Floor, NYC, NY 10007.  Retirees who need to update their address with the Department should send a notarized letter to the corrected address.


Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church in Brooklyn held a memorial mass honoring NYPD Transit Bureau officers who died in the line of duty. NYPD executives, members of the Transit Bureau, and loved ones gathered to remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice. The names of 36 fallen officers were read during the mass as attendees prayed for their families. All of the most recent officers being recognized died due to illnesses contracted while working at Ground Zero.

Police Commissioner James O’Neill and Chief of Transit Joseph Fox spoke during the solemn ceremony. Police Commissioner O’Neill reminded those in attendance that this mass is part of a continued promise by the Department to never forget:

“These heroes have left a tremendous legacy and it is our duty to build on it. We honor them by continuing their vital work and by fulfilling our promise to them and to their families: that they will be a part of our police family forever.”



June 21, 2017                               REPORT OF JUNE MEMBERSHIP MEETING

Our thanks to Executive. Secretary. Ron DiMaio for taking the minutes of this month's meeting. Recording Secretary Bob Valentino was very busy serving dinners to the members and award winners and their families.

7:08 PM President Ed Russo called the meeting to order and led the Pledge of Allegiance.
Tony Lomanto read a list of those who have passed away since our last meeting, among them former past first-Vice President Ret. P.O. Ron Forte, Ret. Sgt. Joe Frasca, and many others.

Regular meeting was temporarily suspended for the Sports Hall of Fame awards.

Bob Valentino, assisted by Bobby Ganley, inducted three new members into the Sports Hall of Fame: 
Thomas Barrett, Soft Ball (posthumously). His daughter, Denise, accepted her father’s award;
William Vitelli, Bowling. Bill was present and accepted his award.
Tony Cestare, Bowling, but was unable to attend. His award was accepted by George Mitchell. 

Present Hall of Fame Members in attendance:  Sam Sapienza, Rich Solieri, Mike Lanning, Bob Kent, Bob Rittmeyer, Stan Baily, Bob Valentino, Joe Carney, and Howie Haag. Some of the new inductee family members were also present.

Bob Ganley spoke about the late P. O. Billy Martin who was assaulted while on duty in 1981 and ultimately died as a result of his injuries.  Bob is attempting to have Billy carried has Line of Duty death.  He said that it will likely happen.  We thank him for his efforts.

50 50 drawing was held with five $40.00 prizes and other prizes provided by John Reeves.

Mary Fitzgerald spoke about the Mets-Yankee game on Wed. August 15.  Tickets sell for $110.00 each.  Citi Field section 106.  Call Mary at 914 263-1813 if interested.

Tony Lomanto stated that the Association received a thank you letter from Richard Di Guglielmo for the support the Association has given him in an effort to change the ruling so that he may be released from prison.  We know that he was unjustly convicted.

8:45 PM meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
Executive Secretary Vincent R. Di Maio

May 14, 2017                               REPORT OF MAY MEMBERSHIP MEETINGS



     President Ed Russo called the meeting to order at 8:00pm with the Pledge of Allegiance. Ed asked for a moment of silence for our departed members. Ed mentioned our new associate member Debbie Bonahan.

     Executive Secretary Ron DiMaio spoke about the State Constitutional Convention Vote in November. He highly recommended that all members, family & friends vote no as it could be detrimental to our and other civil servants pensions and benefits.

     2nd Vice President Harry Hassler spoke about the request to obtain a line of duty death for departed member Bill Martin. He asked if our association and others would write letters to the Police Commissioner for consideration. He also said that he will continue sending trivia questions to Lou Hollender.

     Recording Secretary Bob Valentino mentioned that at the June 7th meeting there will be several members who will be inducted into the Association’s Sports Hall of Fame. It will be catered by Verdis.

     Ed Russo welcomed Ret. Sgt. Bob Ganley as a new member of the association. Ed presented a token of our appreciation to Bob for his assistance through the years. Bob spoke about how important it is to vote no regarding the upcoming Constitutional Convention. Bob also spoke about the slim chance to get line of duty death for Bill Martin and mentioned the reasons why.

     Mary Fitzgerald spoke about the Mets/Yankee game on Wednesday August 16. She gave her phone number (914) 263-1813 and said checks would be fine.

     Ret. P.O. Jack Ferone spoke about the recognition he received for driving Veterans to the VA Hospital to Northport. Another one of our members Herbert Brown received the same award.

     Vinnie Servedio distributed flyers for the Romeo Luncheon on Thursday May 11th.

     Tony Piazza spoke about a new bill regarding the VSF excluding the Housing Police and a supplement to try to bypass the home rule.


The raffle was conducted by Ed & Vice President Mike Lanning. There were four $40.00 winners with additional prizes supplied by a very generous John Reeves.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:55 P.M.

Submitted by Recording Secretary Bob Valentino


President Russo informed me later on that NYPD Commissiner James O'Neil appeared at the meeting. The PC had been at another affair in Antuns at the time and stopped by at our meeting. He spoke highly of his time in, and how well it was, in Transit.

Though I was away in Florida on vacation with my fiance, Emily, I did have a "special" meeting with our dear friend and Transit Family member, Lou Hollander and his lovely wife, Barbara. It may have been a small meeting, but it was well enjoyed by all present. Old times were discussed along with what the future may hold for us all. Barbara and Lou were gracious hosts to Emily and myself and we thank them.

April 22, 2017                                     METS BASEBALL TICKETS AVAILABLE

Our Mets ticket coordinator, Mary Fitzgerald, will again be handling this year’s Mets/Yankee game at Citi-Field on Wednesday August 16. Last year’s game proved to be very successful.

Mary will be handling the ticket sales solely by herself just like last year. All negotiations will be strictly between you and her. All information will be given to you by her. The association will not have any information, you MUST contact her directly and as soon as possible. The ticket price will be $110.00 at this time but Mary further states that they will be going up just like last year. The price includes our group having a photo taken before the game on the field, also admission to a select restaurant not open to other ticket holders. Again, Mary states that you must contact her as soon as possible with payment in advance!

Please inform all those that you may come in contact with who may be interested in the above.

Mary Fitzgerald
Cell  914 263 1813

Ed Russo

March 3, 2017                       REPORT OF MARCH MEMBERSHIP MEETING

MINUTES of the RETIREE’S MEETING on 03/01/2017


     President Ed Russo called the meeting to order at 7:45 PM with the Pledge of Allegiance. Ed called upon Treasurer Tony Lomanto who named the members who recently passed away since our last meeting. There was a total of 14 retirees that we lost. Tony also said that our finances are in good shape with about 165 members yet to pay their dues. He thanked the membership for so many generous donations to the association.

     Executive Secretary Ron DiMaio mentioned that some states do not recognize HR 218 and that members should check each state that they are traveling in. A short discussion about Gun free zones was also discussed.

     Recording Secretary Bob Valentino mentioned to expect a cutback in the number of PBA cards issued next year because sworn members are complaining about too many cards being out there.

     Member Jacques Maurice spoke about the VSF and members with a disability. He asked that letters be written to state politicians.

     Tony Piazza reminded everyone to vote “NO” for a State Constitutional Convention as it could be very bad for retirees. He also spoke about the VSF and mentioned that members with a disability lost in court. He said that a new bill regarding the defined benefit will be introduced this year as the old bill expired.

     Both Ed Russo & Tony Lomanto spoke about the NYPD SBA honoring Jeanine Pirro. An official letter was sent to the SBA urging President Ed Mullins to reconsider giving her the award. Member Charlie Moran went into great detail describing why she was not deserving of a heroism award. He talked about Officer Richard DiGuglielmo, who in 1996 went to the aid of his father who was being hit with a baseball bat by an irate person. Officer DiGuglielmo was wrongly convicted and was given a long prison sentence. It is apparent that District Attorney Jeanine Pirro succumbed to pressure from outside groups and labeled the incident a bias crime. Officer DiGuglielmo is still in prison to this day. Charlie also mentioned that many police organizations have sent correspondence to Ed Mullins asking him to reconsider the award.

     Associate member Willie Perez was introduced to the membership. He spoke about the great job that the Transit Police did and that he felt very bad about the failure of many members not receiving the defined benefit. He offered his assistance to try to get the new VSF bill passed.

     Member Hank Melchiona thanked everyone for their support regarding his brother Michael and asked everyone to remember and keep in their prayers the families of officer Calabrese and officer Smith who were killed 10 years later in the same month as his brother Michael.

     Member Vinnie Servedio asked the association to consider having a Dinner Dance like we used to have in the past. President Russo said that it would be discussed at the next board meeting in May.

     President Russo mentioned the date for the Met game this year is Wednesday, August 16th. He also reminded the membership that the next meeting on May 3rd will be held at Antuns and not at the FOP.

     The raffle was conducted by Ed & Tony. There were three $40.00 winners with additional prizes supplied by a very generous John Reeves.


                                The meeting was adjourned at 8:45 P.M.

                      Submitted by Recording Secretary Bob Valentino



Due to a special event at Antuns, and requested by Joe King, the meeting scheduled for October 4th at Antuns required a change of date to Thursday, October 5th . Please mark your calendars accordingly.

March 1, 2017                        LETTER SENT TO NYPD SBA PRESIDENT     

The association had been contacted numerous times these past 2 weeks regarding the NYPD SBA's plans on honoring Judge Jeanine Pirro with a "Heroism Award" at an upcoming dinner in March. Needless to say, the arguments against such an award struck deeply in the hearts and minds of our fellow officers when Pirro was the Westchester County District Attorney in 1996 and she unjustly prosecuted Police Officer Richard DiGuglielmo who was assigned to Transit District 11 of the NYPD, resulting in a lengthy prison sentence. Though Richard was acquitted on appeal, the County, furthering the case in a higher court, re-instated the conviction and sentence.

President Ed Russo, in response, sent a letter to SBA President Ed Mullins showing our disapproval of such an award. The letter can be seen HERE

The annual Christmas and Holiday party held at Antun's this past Wednesday was another successful event attended by many members and friends who enjoyed the food and festivities of the evening.

The highlight of the event was the presence of one of our own, former Transit Police Officer and now NYPD Commissioner,
James P. O'Neill.
The commissioner spoke of his tenure in the Transit Police Department and how much it taught him about police work. Our President, Ed Russo, presented the commissioner with a plaque.

Another event of the night was the presence of several members of the Classes of 1966, this year being the 50th anniversary of those classes.

November 10, 2016                       REPORT ON NOVEMBER MEMBERSHIP MEETING

From Recording Sect'y Bob Valentino


MINUTES of the RETIREE’S MEETING on 11/02/2016


     President Ed Russo called the meeting to order at 7:40pm with the Pledge of Allegiance. Ed called upon Treasurer Tony Lomanto who named the members who recently passed away. Tony also said that our finances are in good shape.

     Special guest Eileen Daly-Sapraicone spoke about her experience and expertise in her bid to win the position of Nassau County Family Court Judge. She asked for our support and to vote Row 5.

     1st Vice President Mike Lanning spoke about the Health Plan Changeover Open Enrollment which is now in effect and ends November 30th.

     Executive Secretary Ron DiMaio spoke about a nice story in Newsday regarding District 30 and the Transit Bureau commanded by Chief Joe Fox. The article mentioned that there are 2591 members assigned to the Transit Bureau.

     Recording Secretary Bob Valentino mentioned the hole in one by member Tony Norcia.

     Ed Russo reminded everyone about our Christmas/Holiday Party that will be held at Antuns on Wednesday December 7, 2016 starting at 6:00p.m.  Cost for members is $20.00 and non-members $25.00.  Ed also mentioned that we will be honoring NYPD Commissioner James O’Neill.      

   Vinnie Servedio spoke about the Romeo and Juliet Luncheon to be held on Thursday, November 3, 2016. Vinnie also acknowledged the hard workers who keep the Transit Police Family together. He mentioned Frank Crisa, Lou Hollander, Paul Murphy, Marilyn Scahill, Tom Strong, John Reeves and Bob Valentino.

     Mary Fitzgerald received a beautiful plaque from the New York Mets. She spoke briefly and played a recording that mentioned her at Citi Field.

     Tony Piazza mentioned that our bill to get the defined benefit will be reintroduced in January 2017.

     Deo Fasolino mentioned that there was some good news regarding member John Tully. After John was told that his Cancer was very bad, Deo was happy to say that John is 94% cancer free.

     The raffle was conducted by Mike Lanning. There were three $40.00 winners with additional prizes supplied by a very generous John Reeves. Special prize of a replica of the Yankee Championship Ring was raffled off and won by Mike Lanning.

                                The meeting was adjourned at 8:20 P.M.

                      Submitted by Recording Secretary Bob Valentino

October 10, 2016                      REPORT ON OCTOBER MEMBERSHIP MEETING

Our thanks to Executive Secretary Ron DiMaio (Recording Sect'y Bob Valentino and his wife, Jessica, were celebrating their 45th wedding anniversary. Congratulations to the happy couple )



7:50 PM   Pres. Ed Russo called the meeting to order and led the pledge of allegiance.


- Executive Board Report: 2nd VP Harry Hassler congratulated his son, John, who was celebrating his 51st birthday.

-Tresasurer Tony Lomanto gave report of deceaseml:namespace prefix = "st1" ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />d and sick members. Financial Report was given showing funds in the accounts. He requested that pictures and articles be submitted for the next issue of Beyond The Line. 

-Ed Russo mentioned that John Reeves is selling decals, patches and pins in the back of the room.

-Bobby Lentol spoke about the Spirit Award from the Mets that was awarded to the Association.

-Ed Russo reported that NYPD Commissioner James O’Neil will be our honored guest at the Holiday/Christmas Party to be held at Antun’s on December 7, 2016 at 6:00 PM.

-Our next meeting will be November 2, 2016 at the FOP Bldg. 

-Paul Murphy spoke about the TPD Holiday Party New York Reunion to be held on Tuesday, November 15, 2016 at Antun’s, 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM, $58.00 per person in advance or $70.00 cash at the door.

-Tony Norcia reported that the wife of retired Det. Mike Sapraicone, Eileen, is running for Family Court Judge in Nassau County.  She has the support of many police organization.  He requests our support for her election.

-John Rini, a member of the Legislator Committee, spoke about the Constitutional Convention that will be on the ballot in November of 2017. He recommends voting against it, because this may affect our pensions and health benefits.  Our VSF bill expires at the end of this year.  Senator Lanza will introduce a new bill next year. 

-Ed Russo said that the Association will be represented at the TPD Holiday Party NY Reunion.

- The 50/50 drawing was held and six $40.00 prizes were awarded, as well as seven prizes which were donated by John Reeves.


Chcek out the information on the Health & Welfare page for those wishing to change their health benefits plan.


8:18 PM the Meeting was adjourned.


Respectfully submitted,

Vincent R. Di Maio, Executive Secretary

September 18, 2016              REPORT ON SEPTEMBER MEMBERSHIP MEETING

From Executive Secretary Ron DiMaio (Recording Sect'y Bob Valentino had to leave early)




7:55 PM   Pres. Ed Russo called the meeting to order and led the Pledge of Allegiance.


-Tresasurer Tony Lomanto mentioned members who passed away and are sick since our last meeting. 

-Recording Sec. Bob Valentino welcomed Stan Reitter and Bill Tricarico to the meeting, both who are recovering from serious health problems. 

-Ed Russo mentioned that he congratulated the new Police Commissioner James O'Neil and reminded us that he started out as a Transit Cop. The new P.C. was invited to our meetings and Christmas/Holiday Party. He also mentioned that the plaque on display was given to the Association by the METS and is called the Spirit Award.

-Chet Levy reported that he is working on a plan for obtaining TPD ID cards for local retirees without going down to Livingston Street, B'klyn.  For out of town retirees there is procedure in place, whereby they can obtain ID cards without making the trip.  Contact P.O. George Bazile on our website under Keeping In Touch.

-Tony Lomanto gave a financial report on the Association.  He also solicited articles for Beyond The Line. 

-Mike Banahan, Ret. C.O., spoke about the football player named Colin Kapernak who sits during the playing the National Anthem, which is disrespectful.

-Tony Piazza, Legislative Chairman, spoke about the Variable Supplement. Our bill is still active till the end of the year. The Senate states that a Home Rule is required, however, it's not.  NYS Constitutional Convention will be held next year.  We have to keep an eye out for any problems that may arise.

-Dr. Jerry Ente, our Association Police Surgeon, spoke about red wine and grape juice containing the antioxidant reservertrol, and is very healthy to drink. If you have any symptoms of dimentia or Alzheimers disease, see your doctor at the first sign, as there are medications that can help. There has been a three fold occurrance of cancers in people who worked at the Pile at 9/11/01. Zika virus symptoms:  Pink eye, pinkish red rash on the body, and the usual viral symptoms.  No Zika carrying mosquitoes have been found in NYS. Donated blood is now checked for Zika virus.

-Deo Fasolino spoke about cell phones.  AT&T offers a 19% discount for active and retired police.

-Chet Levy said that Walmart has a cell plan called Straight Talk that cost $45.00 per month and allows you to use SIM cards from different carriers. He also said that Cosco offers a big discount on Eloquis with a card from their pharmacy.

-The 50/50 drawing was held. 

- 9:00 PM meeting was adjourned.


Respectfully submitted,

Vincent R. Di Maio, Executive Secretary